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Installing Electric Cooktop

installing electric cooktop
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Magic Chef Cooktop on Ryan Island
Magic Chef Cooktop on Ryan Island
On Ryan Island is this curious electric kitchen. The sign says it was originally built to demonstrate a “new” way of cooking food, but the several Magic Chef brand cooktops inside look pretty modern to me. They could be older than they look, though. The electric range as we presently know it (not including ceramic cooktops), dates to the 1930’s. My guess would be that the utility installed the electric kitchen sometime in the ‘30’s to highlight what electric power can do, since Ryan Dam produces some 60 megawatts of it. I did not check to see if these cooktops work, but as Ryan Island is a public park, perhaps they are there for folks to warm up something for the picnic.
The Kitchen and Bar
The Kitchen and Bar
Some painting still in progress... but finally complete. We removed the dropped ceiling, gutted the kitchen, installed a new ceiling with knockdown finish and hi-hats, installed gas for the range (cooktop only), installed natural slate throughout the house, added cabinets here and in the baths and bedroom, put in a granite (butterfly green) countertop, new appliances, new plumbing fixtures, reworked electric.

installing electric cooktop
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