Welcome to my coloring page site; As seen in Autosport magazine (I love saying that!)

I've drawn these images based on photos I've found online in various places. I had wanted to find some fun, realistic race car coloring pages to do with my kids, but the selection online wasn't that great. So I decided to make a few of my own. It's possible to find quite a few super car coloring pages online so I decided not to do too many of those, plus I've found that most of the fun is in coloring in the liveries of actual racing cars. I've tried to select cars that are beautiful and interesting and that give scope to express your creativity in coloring them.

A Word About the Files:

I'd like to note that the coloring pages were laid out and designed to be printed on 11" x 17" paper (though they will look good on 8.5 x 11 as well), and that the best quality will come from printing on a laser printer directly from the pdf file that can be downloaded HERE. This pdf contains every coloring page I've made so that you can download them all at once.
I announce each new car coloring page via Twitter. Follow @ccgoerges
TIP: Download the PDF file to get good quality from your printing. Click HERE.

A Recent Car Coloring Page:


Recent Notes:

January 21, 2016 - Put up my most recent coloring page, a 2015 BMW DTM car.

January 21, 2016 - My coloring pages have been added to another site http://www.supercoloring.com/. It is a large site featuring many different kinds of coloring pages.

November 25, 2014 - Put up my most recent page, the From A Nissan R91CK.

February 7, 2014 - I just put up my latest page in over a year, the Leyton House Porsche 962.

If you're interested in even more coloring pages, there is a newer site than mine which features beautiful drawings of racing cars to color at http://www.racingcolour.co.uk/. It's a splendid site.

Past Notes:

I'm proud to say that the site was featured in the "Latest Gear" section of the September 6th 2012 edition of Autosport! Many thanks to Autosport and Henry Hope-Frost!

February 1, 2013 - I've just added a new F1 livery templates page for use by people who like to design their own liveries.
I've begun breaking up the single larger PDF file into smaller ones which correspond to the groupings shown in the navigation on the left. Just click on "Download Files" to view all the different PDFs that are available. When I get a chance, I'll get the site more organized with the proper download links on the proper pages.

One problem with a basically static site like this one, is that it's difficult to know how I'm doing and it's difficult to foster a sense of ownership and community for the people this site serves. I also want to find out a few more concrete things like whether the coloring pages are too detailed or if people understand that the best quality will come from printing from the PDF that is linked above and on every page via the "Messages" section under the navigation on the left side of the page. Any feedback (even negative) is appreciated and I encourage people to use the comments section or the "Contact Me" link to let me know what you think. Also, I've just created a links page on which I'd like to link other coloring pages that reflect a similar focus to this one. Thanks for your interest!
I've put up a "Reader's Gallery" page to display examples of the coloring pages being put to use. The first entry is one that I did with either colored pencils or crayons. Anyone reading this who wishes to put something in the Reader's Gallery is more than welcome. Just use the "Contact Me" link on the lower left side of the page.
I've gotten a lot of good feedback and traffic lately for the site (with thanks to Henry Hope-Frost for tweeting and facebooking the link). I'm really thankful and it is exciting to see that people are enjoying the coloring pages.
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