Scotch brite high performance cleaning cloth : How to do a clean install of windows.

Scotch Brite High Performance Cleaning Cloth

scotch brite high performance cleaning cloth
    high performance
  • modified to give superior performance; "a high-performance car"
  • Producing better than average results
    scotch brite
  • This is an abrasive that is used to scuff or sand the ball surface to create different ball reactions or used to resurface the ball cover after the wear and tear from use. We recommend these 3 types of grits. 1. Burgundy this is the roughest and equates to 240-grit sandpaper. 2.
  • A scratch pattern surface induced by brushing with textured rolls. Can often reduce or eliminate light rust.
  • 3M Company , formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul.
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scotch brite high performance cleaning cloth - 3M High
3M High Performance Cloth, 2011, Blue, 12.6"X14.2", 10/Pk
3M High Performance Cloth, 2011, Blue, 12.6"X14.2", 10/Pk
The Scotch-Briteā„¢ high performance cloth's unique knit pattern of tufts and valleys allow both small and large particles to be trapped within. The bi-components in the polyester and nylon microfibers allow for both oil and water absorption while the microfiber's ribbon-like shape provides the maximum surface area for the collection of dust. Use on surfaces such as: stainless steel, chrome, enamel, painted surfaces, plastics, glass, mirrors windows, computer monitors, wood and marble. Specifications 12.6" X 14.2" Wash up to 100 times Water absorption: 7.2 g water per/g wipe; oil absorption 7.1 g oil per/g wipe. 10/pk (USA) (2011- Blue)

78% (11)
High Performance Rodeo - The Midway
High Performance Rodeo - The Midway
Some of the High Performance Rodeo actors wandering the crowd at Midway... Weekend #2 of the Midway - as part of the High Performance Rodeo - the weekend theme was Glow Step Dark Carnival...
High Performance Rodeo... Reprise...
High Performance Rodeo...  Reprise...
Mandi from the Wandering Gypsies, who had a booth at the Midway Doing another review of my High Performance Rodeo photos from last weekend, taken at the Midway

scotch brite high performance cleaning cloth
scotch brite high performance cleaning cloth
Scotch Brite Kitchen Microfiber Cloth - 2 ea
Microfiber Technology Effectively Cleans In and Around the Sink Better Than Ordinary Dishcloths!
2 Cloths- 11.5in.x 12.5in. (30cm x 32cm)
Absorbs up to 50% more* than ordinary cotton dishcloths!
Super thirsty microfiber construction absorbs fast!
Dries quickly, rinses and wrings easily!
Scours, lifts and traps messes on dishes and counters.
Wipes clean with little or no streaking- even on glass and appliances.
Long lasting- stain and fray resistant.
Cream color cloth with designer color stitching accents any kitchen decor.
Cloth safe for all surfaces.
Microfiber is often called the miracle material. Why? Tiny sharp-edged microfibers, many times smaller than a human hair, are constructed to lift, trap and absorb better than regular fibers, such as cotton. The unique characteristics of microfiber save you time and make kitchen clean-ups easier.
Microfiber with sharp, pie-shape edges lifts, traps and absorbs for easier and faster cleaning.
Regular fiber does not lift, trap and absorb like microfiber.
Great the sink....on the countertop and all around the kitchen!
*Internal 3M lab tests measuring liquid grams per fiber gram absorption against representative sample of cotton dishcloths sold at retail.
"Scotch-Brite" is a registered trademark of 3M in the USA and certain other countries.

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