Cleaning old tile floors - How to clean silver with baking soda

Cleaning Old Tile Floors

cleaning old tile floors
    tile floors
  • (Tile Floor) A floor laid with tile.
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
  • the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
  • (clean) free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
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The tiles
The tiles
The floor is done and sponge-washed. There's some extra adhesive here and there that will wear off, and some corners just wouldn't be refitted into the pattern. Oh well.

Note that some of the tiles are slightly lighter than others. We soaked off 50 years of wax and finish and dirt and cleaning products, then dried them in the sun. I'm quite sure they were unevenly cleaned.

The floor is probably as old as the house, getting the tiles replaced so that they fit properly was a huge challenge, but with six months before this house becomes so much rubble, there was no use putting in a good new floor.

This picture shows the one tile that Casey didn't manage to get into the criss-cross grain pattern. It was the last one placed, and was done with a fair bit of cursing and shoving. As he crammed it in there, I thought, "I will always love that wayward tile, for being the keystone to a big, difficult project done by rank amateurs who just wanted a flat bathroom floor to dry off on."
Good Riddance!
Good Riddance!
Here is a photo of the disgusting carpet we removed from our laundry room and sent off to the garbage dump. I was very happy to get rid of it--it was not only old and ugly, but it reeked of doggy odor from the previous homeowners' dog who was cooped up in the room. Now we have a very nice (and clean) tile floor and I can honestly say it is a relief to be rid of this tatty carpet and the accompanying odor. The rolled-up carpet does make a nicely curved line for this week's theme--but perhaps it is just too ugly even in the photo to comment upon. In fact, i will probably delete it after this week. All rights reserved ©

cleaning old tile floors
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