Keeping Your Teeth Clean

keeping your teeth clean
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keeping your teeth clean - Philips Sonicare
Philips Sonicare R732/HX6732/02 HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare R732/HX6732/02 HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush
Let the natural whiteness of your teeth shine through. Proven to remove coffee, tea, and red wine stains, Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 2 shades in 2 weeks with regular use of the Clean and White mode.

The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Toothbrush is proven to remove coffee, tea, and red wine stains, allowing the natural whiteness of your teeth to shine through. In just two weeks, you can have teeth up to two shades whiter. And you get all this without any messy chemicals or trays; with HealthyWhite, whitening is integrated into your daily brushing routine.
Sonicare Logo
HealthyWhite Toothbrush
At a Glance:
Whitening of teeth by removing tea, coffee, and other stains.
Sonic technology for effective removal of plaque.
Smartimer and Quadpacer to help you achieve optimal brushing.
Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ Toothbrush
The new ProResults brush head won't irritate your gums.

Achieve teeth up to two shades whiter in just two weeks. View larger.
Superior Cleaning and Whitening with One Toothbrush
HealthyWhite isn't just a whitening system, but a complete system to ensure the best oral health you can get. Sonicare is the Number 1 recommended brand by dental professionals and uses patented sonic technology to remove plaque and give you that feeling you get after you go to the dentist. The HealthyWhite is clinically proven to remove more plaque than Oral B Triumph, as well as the older Sonicare Essence.
The HealthyWhite R732 has mode settings for Clean, Sensitive, and Clean and White. Clean mode provides the standard sonic cleaning; Sensitive mode provides a gentle but thorough cleaning for sensitive gums and teeth; Clean and White mode provides two minutes of Clean mode and then an additional 30 seconds of White mode that focuses on your visible front teeth.
New ProResults Brush Heads
Sonicare's new ProResults brush head has contour fit bristles that help increase tooth coverage and is soft and gentle so it won't irritate your gums. Included are two brush head sizes: the standard size is ideal for a complete cleaning, while the compact one is perfect for precision cleaning targeting problematic areas.
The HealthyWhite is safe to use on orthodontics, dental work, veneers, implant material, and sensitive teeth. The HealthyWhite ensures a deep clean between teeth and along the gum line.
Smartimer and Quadpacer Technology
The Smartimer is a built-in two-minute timer that helps you keep to the recommended brushing times. The Quadpacer gives you notice every thirty seconds so that you can methodically brush each quadrant of your mouth thoroughly.
With a design that is 30 percent smaller and lighter than the Sonicare Essence, the HealthyWhite easily goes wherever you go. A travel case and detachable travel charger is included for your convenience. The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite comes with a 2-year warranty.
What's in the Box
Sonicare toothbrush, 2 ProResults brush head (one compact, one standard), deluxe charger with cord wrap, brush head storage, two hygienic travel caps, one travel case.

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Looking for the right Sonicare brush head?
Click here for the Sonicare Brush Head Guide
For KidsEssential CleanWhiter, Healthier TeethAdvanced CleaningGum CareUltimate CleaningAir Floss
Sonicare for KidsSonicare XtremeSonicare Essence 5300Sonicare Essence 5350Sonicare EasyCleanSonicare Healthy White R710Sonicare Healthy White R732Sonicare FlexCare R910Sonicare FlexCare RS930Sonicare FlexCare+ RS960Sonicare Diamond CleanSonicare Air Floss
for KidsXtreme e3000Essence
5350EasyCleanHealthy White 710Healthy White R732FlexCare
RS930FlexCare+Diamond CleanAir Floss
Model #
RechargeableAn easier way
to floss
QuadpacerFor best results use your Philips Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush with Air Floss
• •••••••
Brushing Modes
Ages 4 - 7CleanCleanCleanCleanCleanCleanCleanCleanCleanClean
Ages 7 - 10 Clean and WhiteClean and White White
Go Care/Max CareGo Care/Max CareRefreshPolish
Gum CareGum CareAir & Microdroplet Technology
11121111111Clean between all teeth in only 60 seconds with one teaspoon of water or mouthwash
Included Brush Heads
UV Brush Head Sanitizer
Travel Charger
••• ••Deluxe travel case with USB Charger
Illuminated Display

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The Beatification of the Blessed Toothbrush
The Beatification of the Blessed Toothbrush
You can pray to this toothbrush now. It can intercede on your behalf; the toothbrush serves as kind of an intermediary between you and God. Basically, the toothbrush is like, 75% of the way toward sainthood, so that's great. The toothbrush does miracles. You should see how clean it gets the teeth! Its plaque-removal abilities are legendary, and yes, canonically miraculous. ... Anyway. Keeping your teeth clean is weird. I'm helped along by the fact that most of my back teeth remain largely covered in plastic that was put onto those teeth when I was a kid. They lacquered 'em up and, boom, no cavities. Though, here's another weird thing -- I chew on pens and other objects, somewhat obsessively. It's not as bad as it used to be, but my chompers will obliterate a pen cap. When I'm done, it looks like a grenade went off. Well, I go to the, somewhat rarely, and the last time I went, I guess they surmised that it was possible my teeth were so clean because, to a degree, I was constantly cleaning them with hard plasticky bits from pens and their ilk. (The irony of going to the dentist is that they're all like, "Don't stick things in your mouth or scratch your teeth -- you'll scrape off precious enamel." And then the next thing they proceed to do is jam a metal gaffe hook into your mouth and start dragging it across your teeth like a license plate across a blackboard. I'm sorry, what about my "precious enamel?" Dentist bastards!)
Keep your teeth clean!
Keep your teeth clean!
This is a poster hanging in my office (of which there are many) that I particularly like. It's from the 1938 was part of a Federal Art Project. One of the partners in the firm I work at had a friend who bought the rights to a couple hundred of similar items. There is an exhibit at Forest Lawn of all places going on right now with a bunch of similar posters that I am going to check out this weekend. The guy said that he could get me a copy if I wanted it...and I so want this hanging in my apt!

keeping your teeth clean
keeping your teeth clean
Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans
Upon leaving the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what sort of government the delegates had created. His reply to the crowd: "A republic, if you can keep it." Now America's most respected governor explains just how close we've come to losing the republic, and how we can restore it to greatness.
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has been called "the most presidential man in America." He has brought more change to his state in a few years than most see in decades.
During his tenure, Daniels turned a $700 million deficit into a billion dollar surplus, balanced Indiana's budget even during the recession, converted its once unattractive business climate into one of the strongest for private sector job growth.
The Hoosier state is now a model of good and efficient governance. Its public sector payroll is now the smallest per capita in the nation. And yet services have improved across the board. Even its Bureau of Motor Vehicles -- the ultimate symbol of dysfunctional bureaucracy - has been rated the best in the country.
Daniels has done this by focusing on government's core responsibilities, cutting taxes, empowering citizens, and performing what he calls an "old tribal ritual" - spending less money than his state takes in, while distinguishing between skepticism towards big government and hostility towards all government.
Unfortunately few politicians have the discipline or courage to follow his lead. And worse, many assume that Americans are too intimidated, gullible or dim-witted to make wise decisions about their health care, mortgages, the education of their kids, and other important issues. The result has been a steady decline in freedom, as elite government experts -- "our benevolent betters", in Daniels' phrase -- try to regulate every aspect of our lives.
Daniels bluntly calls our exploding national debt "a survival-level threat to the America we have known." He shows how our underperforming public schools have produced a workforce unprepared to compete with those of other countries and ignorant of the requirements of citizenship in a free society. He lays out the risk of greatly diminished long term prosperity and the loss of our position of world leadership. He warns that we may lose the uniquely American promise of upward mobility for all.
But, the good news is that it's not too late to save America. However, real change can't be imposed from above. It has to be what he calls "change that believes in you" -- a belief that Americans, properly informed of the facts, will pull together to make the necessary changes and that they are best- equipped to make the decisions governing their own lives. As he puts it:
"I urge great care not to drift into a loss of faith in the American people. We must never yield to the self-fulfilling despair that these problems are immutable, or insurmountable. Americans are still a people born to liberty. Addressed as free-born, autonomous men and women of God-given dignity, they will rise yet again to drive back a mortal enemy."

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