Keep your pc clean : Clean faux wood blinds : Steam cleaning grout.

Keep Your Pc Clean

keep your pc clean
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
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keep your pc clean - RegDoctor (CD+Download):
RegDoctor (CD+Download): safely cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows Registry with one-click; cleans the registry to fix Windows errors and crashes; keeps Your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free. Works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98.
RegDoctor (CD+Download): safely cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows Registry with one-click; cleans the registry to fix Windows errors and crashes; keeps Your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free. Works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98.
Is your computer running slow? Are you experiencing computer crashes or windows error messages? Do you want to improve your system performance and stability? If you are answering yes, then you are very likely in need of cleaning up your Windows registry.
With RegDoctor, you can safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows Registry with one-click; clean the registry to fix Windows errors and crashes; and keep your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free. RegDoctor is easy to use and is designed for both expert and novice users. It works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98.
Registry problems are the common cause of Windows crashes, error messages, and degraded performance! RegDoctor can safely and quickly clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! RegDoctor uses an intelligent, high-performance detection engine to accurately identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. Identified registry problems are listed and rated by risk level using an easy to understand color-coded system for your information. You can choose to have RegDoctor automatically repair all identified problems, or more selectively choose which problems to repair immediately. RegDoctor also offers a Restore feature to create registry backup files, giving you the capability to safely undo any registry changes.
RegDoctor has received a lot of positive feedback from users:
With just one click, it found more problems than other programs. With one click, it fixed all the problems. It is very efficient. My computer is again running like new. Great product. Highly recommend it.--Ben Anderson
I own about every registry cleaner. None performs like RegDoctor.. It works fast and easy to use. I noticed major performance boost. This program is a must-have for anyone that likes a clean fast system!! It found and cleaned a lot of registry errors and invalid entries. This is a true 5-star program.--Jack Sun

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071/366 Question: Does anyone STILL use these things?
071/366  Question:  Does anyone STILL use these things?
Mar 17 071/366 By the time you see this picture, the contents that are in the middle of this picture will be in dinosaur heaven! I have boxes of floppy disks that I may throw away as well. It's funny, though. When I was growing up, floppy disks were literally the size of 45' LPs. Technology has picked up an ENORMOUS pace over the last quarter century, and what shocks me the most is that I am actually old enough to remember it. Case in point: 8-track cassettes (some say that they were discontinued in the early 70s, but some manufacturers-a few of them-kept them going until the early 1980s). LP albums 33, 45, even as a kid coming up in the 80s I even had a collection of records. Compact Disc-LPs were now converted to digital format saving consumers time and energy in making copies of their favourite cuts. Beta video cassettes -Like the CD when it first came out, only those with deep pockets could afford Beta video tapes. Laserdisc-before the DVD there was the laserdisc in relation to the compact disc, and it was before its time seeineg that most of them had the same features (so they say) that the current DVD features have today. The only thing was that they were literally the size of a 12" LP album. So again in spite of a modern convenience of that generation, space was an issue. Micro-cassettes-a predecessor to digital recorders. 'Nuff said! Walkmans, portable CD/cassette players, miniature televisions, there was even a mini video recorder that was pocket sized and you could use a regular audio cassette to record your videos on but it was in b/w format. That was back in 1987-88. NO JOKE, people, that actually occurred! Just another chapter of some spring cleaning-out with the old, IN with the new-that's how it oughta be anyway! © 2008 Blacklight Studios/313 Arts
Camera bag
Camera bag
So this is my main camera bag (Dakine Sequence). I absolutely love it. Check the notes to see what's in it. I like this bag for many reasons. Here are some thoughts on it. 1) Super comfortable. Its got waist and chest straps to help support the bag. 2) The red part you see inside the backpack is removeable and has a shoulder strap. So should you need to ditch the backpack, it has a messenger style bag that can be pulled out. 3) This bag opens opposite of most packs. It opens where the bag touches your back. This is good for a few reasons. First, less worry of the bag opening and all your gear spilling out. Also no worry of someone rifling through your bag and jacking some gear without you noticing. And when you lay your bag down in the dirt or wet ground, when you put the bag back on, your back doesn't get dirty or wet. 4) Tons of extra space. There is a pouch on one side that is a collapsible water bottle holder. On the other side is a pouch that has zippers on the front and back sides so you can access stuff in this pocket while wearing the bag or while its on the ground. Has straps to hold skis or in more cases... a tripod or monopod. Has a pouch on top for holding any extra bits you might have. Also has a pouch on the waist belt that is good to hold an ipod or cell phone. If you're in the market for a backpack, I highly recommend you check this one out.

keep your pc clean
keep your pc clean
Adware & Spyware Prevention, Removal, And Safety Secrets You Should Know To Keep Your Computer Clean: Techniques To Keeping Your PC Adware & Spyware Free At All Times
What is spyware? What is adware? You have probably heard of them because everyone that gets online is either bombarded with information about the products that can help to protect against these two things or get so much spam that they have had to remove it from their system. Yet, there is much you can do for protection from these problems - and the answers are within this book. Here are the table of contents inside of this book, which reveals just a sample of what you will learn: - Chapter 1: Spyware Can Destroy - Chapter 2: How Does Spyware Spread? - Chapter 3: How To Remove Spyware - Chapter 4: Anti Spyware Programs - Chapter 5: The Anti Anti-Spyware Programs - Chapter 6: Research And Learn More - Chapter 7: Choosing The Best Anti Spyware Tool - Chapter 8: Computer Security And Spyware - Chapter 9: The Programs To Avoid - Chapter 10: Is It Legal? - Chapter 11: Checklist Of Protection - And more

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