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How To Clean A Penny With Coke

how to clean a penny with coke
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how to clean a penny with coke - A Fatal
A Fatal Grace: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel
A Fatal Grace: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel
CC de Poitiers managed to alienate everyone in the hamlet of Three Pines, right up to the moment she died. When Chief Inspector Armand Gamache begins his investigation, it seems like an impossible murder: CC was electrocuted on a frozen lake, in front of the entire town, during the annual curling tournament. With compassion and courage, Gamache digs beneath the idyllic surface of village life to find long buried secrets, while his own enemies threaten to bring something even more chilling than the bitter winter winds to Three Pines.

87% (18)
Alien Midgets on the Bar (6-1-9) #1
Alien Midgets on the Bar (6-1-9) #1
Jaina Lefevre glares at the guy that pushed past her into the bar. "Hey! Watchit!" She comes in and calls out. "Mister DAAAVE! Yer Alien's here!" David Valentino smiles at the young child, " is my favorite evil alien today?" Jaina Lefevre hooks her hands on the bar edge and rests her chin on them. Barely. "Can I has some cherries, please? Mama gived me some t'other day and I likes them!" David Valentino nods, at her, "And would you like a cherry coke? Or perhaps they only drink flavored bug guts on your planet?" David Valentino puts a few candied charries in a small serving bowl and sets it in front of the chin resting on the bar Dero Inglewood jerked his attention away from Anya to the little girl that walked in and perked a brow. "I...don't know. I'fe nefer tried," he said, turning his head back to Anya. He couldn't help but smirk just a little at David's comment to the child. "I might be able to." Rick Hauser walks into the snake pit and takes a seat on a bar stool, swinging his coat over a stool, he looks down at the girl and snorts, saying sarcastically, "You kids run this town... Hey, bar-keep... Newcastle brown ale." Jaina Lefevre 's eyes widen. "Cherry..Coke? Really??" She bounces and then comes around the bar. "Boost me up please?" She gives Rick a dirty look. "My Mommy has bigger guns'n you. Be nice." David Valentino nods to the fellow, "Not sure if we have it, but I'll take a look see." Liberte Kesten's attention turned to the new commer, patting Deros arm almost distractedly. It wouldn't be hard to teach him the accent people seemed to adopt in the city. And she would need to get him a new shirt in the least... But after that- oooh the fun she could have. David Valentino sighs at the child, and points to a stool, "Out with you! Sit at the bar, before I accidently spill some everclear on you and then accidently drop a lit cigarette." Jaina Lefevre sticks out her tongue. "The chairs is too high. Mama lets me sit up here." She pats the bar top, then bats her lashes at him. "Pleeease?" David Valentino turns and begins to dig around in the cooler, and then suprisingly finds what the man resquested, shaking his head at the capabilities of the Hauler, "Well waddya know..we do have some" Rick Hauser smirks to the girl, "I'm sure she does..." Then he'll look back at the bartender, "Excelent... Nice to know something from back in the day is still up and running." David Valentino scowls at the child, "Last time I checked, your momma has big boobs and is blonde, so I don't think I'm her, now on the stool.." Dero Inglewood glances over at the man in the trench coat as well. This place seemed to get busy at just the wrong times, in his opinion. "Is zhat all I vould need to do? Lose zhe accent?" David Valentino pops open the bottle and slides it over to the man, "Want a glass with that?" Jaina Lefevre sighs. "You're a putz." she mutters and goes back around the counter, pushing a stool right up against the bar, then climbing up and sitting on the bar on -that- side. David Valentino sighs, "What was the number of the Men in Black..let me think.." Rick Hauser shakes his head, "Nah... I'll just take it how it is." He reaches over for the bottle. David Valentino arches a brow at a sudden thought, "Say there kiddo..where is your nanny??" Jaina Lefevre giggles and makes a face at David. "I'll drag the cans bag out back laters." She blinks at him a moment. "What's a nanny?" Liberte Kesten laughed softly at the tenders words before she flicked a glance to the child. "He is a responsible adult, missy- something that you would realize if you looked around and noticed you are in a bar without your mom. Not the wisest plan on your part..." A moment later a row of clean white teeth flashed in her direction. "Children fetch a pretty penny on the black market..."She purred out before looking back to Dero. "Oh there are a few other things, but the accent is the hardest..." David Valentino ferowns at the kid again, "You know damn well what a nanny is.." David Valentino: Let me guess, you sucked her brains out and threw her dried up husk on the ocean?" Jaina Lefevre looks over at Liberte. "Uh huh. Steals me and you gots a tac nuke on her head." She shakes her head. "An'I'm an alien. Just ask Mister David. Aliens are crap." She smiles at David and then leans in to show him a ten cred note. "She paid me t'come in here while she sucked face with Nick." David Valentino chuckles, then tries to make a stern face, "Figures. least you played it right and got some cash in the deal." Rick Hauser passes the proper amount of credit chips over to th
My humble abode...
My humble abode...
Raining all day :( I didn't feel like getting wet today. I was sitting at my desk bored as hell - my ISP has been down most of the day; damn piece of CRAP! ;-) Anyway, I had to cancel a trip to an outer island due to the weather today - I was pissed but, shit happens. The waves would have been to big for our small boat to handle safely with kids present. So, I spent about two hours cleaning my room for this shot! LOL! Hahahahaha! Seriously, though, you should have seen it before I cleaned it! I'll leave that photo to your imagination.... :) I am not a neat-freak by any sense of the word… What a contrast to how the locals live though! I have 24-7 electricity, Air Condition, free chow, no bills… Funny how I feel more at home with the locals than in here. Most of (99.9%) of the American contractors out here are out of touch, don’t care and are insensitive to the plight of the indigenous population. Hell, some are blatant racist pieces of shit who think they are better humans because they hold an American passport. The Marshallese who transient the island I live and work on make pennies on the dollar in salary compared to the salaries of the Americans…I’ll stop here though, for I’ve been drinking that glass you see on my desk, well two…no three now, and I don’t want to get to pissed off! ;-) Sorry for the rant!…….

how to clean a penny with coke
how to clean a penny with coke
Bury Your Dead (Chief Inspector Gamache)
“Few writers in any genre can match Penny’s ability to combine heartbreak and hope.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)
It is Winter Carnival in Quebec City, bitterly cold and surpassingly beautiful. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has come not to join the revels but to recover from an investigation gone hauntingly wrong. But violent death is inescapable, even in the apparent sanctuary of the Literary and Historical Society--where an obsessive historian's quest for the remains of the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain, ends in murder. Could a secret buried with Champlain for nearly four hundred years be so dreadful that someone would kill to protect it?
Meanwhile, Gamache is receiving disquieting letters from the village of Three Pines, where beloved Bistro owner Olivier was recently convicted of murder. "It doesn't make sense," Olivier's partner writes every day. "He didn't do it, you know."
As past and present collide in this astonishing novel, Gamache must relive a terrible event from his own past before he can begin to bury his dead.

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