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Clean Wipe Hard Drive

clean wipe hard drive
    hard drive
  • disk drive: computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it
  • A hard disk drive (hard disk, hard drive, HDD) is a non-volatile storage device for digital data. It features one or more rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a metal case. Data is encoded magnetically by read/write heads that float on a cushion of air above the platters.
  • Hard Drive is the debut album from York rock band The Sorry Kisses, which was released on April 28, 2008. The album has been created as an outlet for Hayley Hutchinson's louder songs, which contrast with her usual acoustic style.
  • A high-capacity, self-contained storage device containing a read-write mechanism plus one or more hard disks, inside a sealed unit. Also called hard disk drive
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead
  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • In film editing, a wipe is a gradual spatial transition from one image to another. One image is replaced by another with a distinct edge that forms a shape. A simple edge, an expanding circle, or the turning of a page are all examples.
  • Clean (something) by rubbing it against a surface
  • rub with a circular motion; "wipe the blackboard"; "He passed his hands over the soft cloth"
  • Remove (dirt or moisture) from something by rubbing its surface with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one's hand
  • Clean or dry (something) by rubbing its surface with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one's hand
  • rub: the act of rubbing or wiping; "he gave the hood a quick rub"
clean wipe hard drive - Tabernus Disk
Tabernus Disk Purge Home Edition
Tabernus Disk Purge Home Edition
Disk Purge is the perfect solution for completely erasing your hard drive. If you are selling, donating, returning, or recycling your computer, Disk Purge protects your identity removes personal information from your hard drive. When deleting files and formatting a hard drive, the information stays on the disk -- and can easily recovered by many software programs. 93% of all used computers contain private information about their previous owners - including credit card and social security numbers, bank account information, medical and tax records, and personal emails. Disk Purge erases ALL types of hard drives of ANY size - the entire drive or a partition. Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000 and Linux systems. Works even if your computer is missing or has an unstable operating system

79% (9)
This Is So Cool
This Is So Cool
I've taken my 360 to the next level. So for the past couple of months I have been watching videos off my computer on my Xbox 360. This was wonderful and all but it came at a price. The 360 only supports Mpeg-2 and WMV files for some sick reason so I had to jump through many hoops to turn an .avi file into a WMV file. First I had to use a program to encode the avi into an mpeg because the other program I was using couldn't perform the task of encoding avi directly to wmv. So once I had my mpeg (a process that took almost 2 hours) I could start encoding that into a wmv using Sorenson Squeeze. Not only did this step take an ungodly amount of time (at least 9 hours) but it strained my aging computer to where I couldn't perform any other tasks on it besides that one without it lurching to a near dead-stop and produced files of over 1.5 gb in size for each step. Because this took so long and took up so much space, I was juggling the processes on mine and Shelby's computers. However, because Squeeze uses the same cd-key (ahem) it wouldn't allow the two programs to run at the same time on my network. So because of that, I had to unplug Shelby's computer from the router thus cutting her off the internet for hours at a time. This severely limited my opportunities to perform the encoding process. And to kick a guy while he's down, for some unknown reason after I would transcode the avi to a mpeg, the audio became out of sync. This occurred on both computers and I never did understand why. I even uninstalled and reinstalled codecs, drivers, programs, and files but to no avail. Once this began, I decided to scrap the whole thing and graduate to something better. I got XP Media Center. However, like everything else in our stupid lives, we have to work for sweet things. Installing Media Center meant a fresh install of XP and a clean wipe of my hard drive. I, um, borrowed a friend’s copy of Media Center but had to burn it onto a DVD. Now I'm a bit behind the times so I'm new to the whole DVD burning thing. I got some DVD-Rs and looked forward to the future. But wait, I needed DVD+Rs to burn this OS. Son of a.... So that delayed me a bit as I had to get some new discs but once that was done with I had to move all my files off of my computer. I've accumulated a lot shit it seems over the past few months so this took quite a while as I had to rearrange and juggle in order to get it all onto Shelby's computer and her laptop. Time to begin installing! Almost there! No, wait, my DVD-ROM drive is a POS and doesn't work anymore. Of course. Time to cannibalize Shelby's computer! So I have to open up her tower and yank out her drive and put it in mine. I unfortunately bought her the most awkward computer desk imaginable so all the cords running to the back of her tower are already stretched tight and the computer won't move an inch out of its enclosure. So I have to basically hang upside down and use an extraordinarily large amount of energy and muscle to unplug each cord. Now to install! Oh, it fails and freezes up a few times for reasons unknown to me. Now it's about 3:30 in the morning so start it off one more time and go to bed. Wake up in the morning to find that it actually worked while I wasn't watching it! Huzzah! Now I had to put Shelby's drive back in her computer after which I did the stupid thing of having too much confidence in my technical abilities so I attach everything and place it back in it's awkward cubby without testing it. The computer won't boot. It gets stuck on "Checking NVRAM..." Oh god, I've seen that before too many times. Do not tell me I fried her motherboard somehow. My punishment for over-confidence is to hang upside down again and battle with the computer desk from hell. Turns out I didn't push the IDE cable in far enough. Grr. That was the worst of it though. Aside from Media Center taking at least an hour to add all my media to it's library, things start going smoother. I download Transcode360, a third-party program that streams Divx and Xvid videos to the 360 and encodes on the fly. My god. It's awesome. I've only tested the start of Deadwood (pictured, obviously) but it works like a fucking dream. All I do is find the video on my Xbox, select it and choose "transcode" from the options. Bam. I'm watching it. And it even looks better than the files I was converting multiple times over. I would even call it DVD quality. And no out of sync dialog. YES! I haven't even checked out it's functionality with pictures and music. So all my problems are solved and I now have access to anything my heart desires. My life is streamlined, my hair's growing back, and I think I'm on the verge of curing cancer. All thanks to my 360, Media Center, and Transcode360. Life is good. Did you read all that? No? Good, because you'd be a weirdo if you did. I just wanted to vent.
What's in My Messenger
What's in My Messenger
Too much shit. Contents of my Timbuk2. I can fit a lot in it. Sometimes I pack a weekend's worth of clothes when I travel with this bag alone. Contents: 1) misc food items -- gummy tummies penguins, trail mix, clif bars from trader joes. 2) canon powershot sd1400 is -- my new everyday camera 3) music -- ipod touch and ipod nano (just in case the touch's battery dies) 4) bike light 5) spare glasses and cleaning wipes 6) moleskin for doodling, notes and daily recaps (just for memory jogging...) 7) pens & pencils in plankton aluminum case 8) nike hat -- comes with me almost everywhere. I squint more than I should. 9) thermos because I need to have coffee with me at all times 10) garmin gps because I get lost a lot 11) portable harddrive for work 12) work ID, to get into the building 13) cell phone 14) spare change -- if it's not in the bag, then it's on the floor. Really helps when I need them for meters or for a vending machine snack. :) 15) trash like the starbucks coaster -- because I'm too lazy to find a trash can close enough to throw junk away.

clean wipe hard drive
clean wipe hard drive
Image MASSter WipePro 2.5" Hard Drive Data Eraser/Sanitizer
The Image MASSter WipePRO 2.5" comes as the perfect solution for the mid-size IT organization looking for all the benefits of an enterprise level hard drive sanitization in a compact and easy to use solution. This versatile unit supports the sanitization of up to eight (8) SAS, SATA, IDE*, USB and e-SATA drives. Through the the use of an efficient, cable-free drive caddy system, users can change drives quickly minimizing the total time necessary for drive duplication or wiping processes. The unit operates at a top speed capability of 18GB/minute which easily handles the fastest drives available today and also allows the user to be prepared for tomorrow's future hard drive speed improvements. This comes standard with a 2.5" Drive Hose and Caddy to Support 2.5"/1.8" Laptop Drives and Stylus Pen. *IDE drives supported with Optional IDE Drive and Host Caddy or by Optional Adapters.

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