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Evacuate The Dance Floor Lady Gaga

evacuate the dance floor lady gaga
    dance floor
  • An area of uncarpeted floor, typically in a nightclub or restaurant, reserved for dancing
  • Denoting a recording or type of music particularly popular as an accompaniment to dancing
  • a bare floor polished for dancing
  • "Dance Floor, Part 1" is a 1982 single by the Dayton, Ohio-based, funk group, Zapp. The song spent two weeks at number one on the R&B in mid-1982, but failed to make the Hot 100. . The single was known for the use of a talk box, which became popular in the 1980s.
  • Dance Floor (foaled 1989 in New Jersey) is a retired American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was bred by William Purdey at his Greenfields Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Out of the mare, Dance Troupe, a granddaughter of U.S.
    lady gaga
  • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American recording artist. She began performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side in 2003 and enrolled at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
  • is best-known for her extravagant outfits and make-up anytime she appears at crowds. Besides, the beauty set many records in Web video viewings, Facebook fans and Twitter followers as well as filled her name in the year\'s top 10 search terms on Yahoo!.
  • (of troops) Withdraw from (a place)
  • Leave or cause the occupants to leave (a place of danger)
  • empty completely; "evacuate the bottle"
  • Remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place
  • move out of an unsafe location into safety; "After the earthquake, residents were evacuated"
  • move people from their homes or country

CiRCA dance floor
CiRCA dance floor
Thursday, October 29th, 2009 - Halloween party. Great view of the dance floor, it was overwhelmingly packed!
LED dance floor
LED dance floor
Updated version of an old 70's illuminated dance floor. This one plays all sorts of psychedelic animations!

evacuate the dance floor lady gaga
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