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Cell-Phone-Based Carbon-Micro-Profit Sharing Implementation Progressing in Kenya, Africa


Welcome to Carbon Manna Unlimited

Mission Statement & Overview:

"Sustainably enriching the Next Billion via cell-phone-based Carbon Micro-PROFIT Sharing"

Carbon Manna Unlimited is a San Diego-based non-profit advocacy group popularizing in the Developing World a novel, highly-scalable, cell-phone-based micro-PROFIT-sharing system that rewards poor families for reducing their carbon footprints by any means such as by using solar panels, an efficient charcoal stove instead of an open-pit fire, or by planting trees that sequester carbon.

Carbon Manna© represents an entirely new form of microfinance that immediately addresses all at once these major topical themes: Sustainability, Global Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Reforestation, Micro-Entrepreneurialism, Women & Children's Empowerment, Micro-Property Rights and Family Health.

The carbon offsets produced by participating families will be sold annually in advance in Europe on the VER (voluntary emission reduction) markets by the local carbon project managers administering each Carbon Manna© program, and the monetary gains will be shared via wireless transmission to the families' handsets as the offsets are produced over time.

The monetary gains may be denominated in any economic store-of-value or micro-asset in the Developing World including cell-phone minutes/airtime, electronic points (a la frequent flyer miles), or real cash that may be withdrawn using any MMT (mobile money transfer) system such as Safaricom's M-Pesa or Zain's ZAP systems now in use in Kenya and Tanzania.

Carbon Manna© will also be the first non-profit organization advocating the ascendancy of micro-property rights worldwide and the right of the "sovereign individual" anywhere in the Developing World to own their own carbon footprint and thus have the right to monetize reductions of it. Now in many cases the micro property rights of poor families are misappropriated by NGOs, non-profits or for-profit corporations that start and manage carbon offset projects for their own benefit, or for the "benefit" of a village, city or province.  However, in many cases, very little of the monetary gains trickle down to individual families.

Thus, above all, Carbon Manna Unlimited is an advocacy group for individual, family, women's & children's empowerment and health; for personal property rights; and for economic disintermediation in order to maximize monetary rewards that should flow to needy families in the Developing World.