Carbon Manna Paradigms

Carbon Manna© -- monetizing carbon offsets/reductions from improved cooking methods


v      Carbon Manna© is based on the ubiquitous cell phone and its low transaction costs, so Carbon Manna© scales much faster!


v      Uses SMS (short message service) or text messages sent to an SMS database to claim, track, monetize and audit produced Carbon Micro Offsets.


v      Millions of bundled micro offsets from an entire project are pre-sold in the European carbon markets 1 year in advance to pay all start-up costs.


v      Individual property rights should extend to one’s own carbon footprint, and individuals should be free to monetize their carbon offsets for the benefit of themselves and their families = “Micro Property Rights”.


v      Carbon Micro Offsets may be easily converted to cash, e-money, cell-phone minutes, or any other non-inflatable store-of-value.


v      The “Next Generation” of microfinance


v      Micro PROFIT sharing instead of micro debt


v      Self-sustainable, markets-based & scales almost infinitely



Solar Manna© -- Monetizing carbon offsets/reductions from use of solar panels instead of burning diesel or kerosene


v      A standardized solar-powered village-level, handset and LED-lantern recharging station is needed that will easily and repeatedly qualify for carbon offsets/credits, which could also be pre-sold annually.  Offsets could be pre-sold annually for up to 10 - 15 years.


v      The standard/specification for this proposed system should be approved by The Gold Standard Foundation in Switzerland, or any equivalent independent body.


v      The recharging station should be communally owned by the villagers, who will use their handsets to claim monthly a portion of the produced offsets.


v      Communal ownership will reduce/prevent vandalism and neglect, and ensure proper maintenance of the station.


v      This recharging station could include other obvious built-in systems such as a desalination/water purification unit, an electric pump for a village well, battery packs to power lights at night, a refrigerator for vaccines, etc.




Health Manna© -- “Voice of Carbon Manna Healthcare©” programs


v      Carbon Manna© will greatly expand the installed base of cell-phones in the Developing World.


v      Carbon Manna© provides a strong economic incentive for the Poor to look at and care for their mobile phones.


v      SMS (short message service) can be used to “push” public healthcare messages (vaccine campaign notices) and patient-specific medical messages (“take your HIV medications”) to millions of the Poor at very low cost.


v      Likewise, Carbon Manna-funded handsets may be used for tele-education or micro-education purposes, especially in cases of religious suppression of education (e.g., girls schools in Afghanistan), or where little or no educational infrastructure exists (Sub-Saharan Africa).


v      Our large-scale in-country organization of student volunteers and representatives from myriad local charities and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) -- the “Carbon Manna Corps©” -- can perform on-site education and monitoring of individuals and families (whether they own handsets or not) regarding the implementation and practice of “Voice of Carbon Manna Healthcare©” programs.


One Cell Phone per Child:  Even small screens on inexpensive handsets open many educational vistas in math and foreign languages for poor children.  And many inexpensive handsets sold in Africa today include built-in FM radios too, allowing access to broadcasts from the BBC, Voice of America, or other in-country foreign-language stations transmitting educational content.  In sum, one handset per child is indeed an attainable goal, whereas one laptop per child has proven not to be attainable.




Forest Manna © -- Monetizing CO2 sequestration resulting from planting trees


v      In Kenya, in parallel with implementation of this standard Carbon Manna efficient-cooking program, one or more trees will be planted in an ecological reserve for each enrolled family.


v      The same cell-phone- and SMS-based system may be used by each poor family in the Developing World to regularly claim a portion of the value of the carbon offsets produced by trees planted near their villages. 

v      This communal ownership of, and monthly cash benefit from, the tree-produced carbon offsets will incentivize every family to protect the trees/seedlings from being cut down, or eaten by local wildlife or errant goats/sheep.


v      The carbon offsets produced annually by the tree project could, again, be pre-sold to pay the up-front costs of seedlings, fertilizer, etc.


v      Credits could be claimed for up to 15 - 20 years.  In later years, most of the value of the offsets should be paid to the families.


v      Thus, every family could have 3 separate monthly income streams into their handsets from Carbon Manna©, Solar Manna© and Forest Manna©