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06/11/19 Watch our latest project video here

YouTube Video

05/10/19 Latest batch of 100,000 seedlings, main nursery in Boré

11/06/19 Community Forest Reserve in Bore Expanding

At the end of last year we received significant funding from the Welsh Government's Wales Africa Programme with a part of the grant earmarked for a trial project to extend the protected forest reserve adjacent to the Forest Centre. The balance of the cash is being raised by selling surplus donated household items in Lampeter (email us if you have anything to donate please!) and we've just had the preliminary results back from Bore with an initial target area of 365 acres of vulnerable forest having been identified, mapped and agreed with the local community. Under the scheme, rather than buying the land, we ask the landowners for a pledge that they will not fell any trees or burn any charcoal and return they receive a small cash advance of around £15 per acre. 

01/06/19 - The Big Rains finally come to Bore and tree distribution gets underway at last

30/05/19 - UWTSD anthropology students arrive in Bore for a 3 week stay, working and living with ordinary Giriama families

25/05/19 Ru meets Welsh International Development Minister Eluned Morgan at Hub Cymru Africa International Development Summit in Cardiff (with Elspeth Jones, Director of Size of Wales).

02/03/19 Main nursery Bore - 110,000 tree seedlings awaiting the Big Rains. Once in the ground, these will bring us up to 910,000 trees planted in total.

12/12/18 Work progressing well on the Welsh Government funded Bore Forest Centre Kitchen/Restaurant building.

12/11/18 - Work starts on Boré Forest Centre Kitchen and Restaurant.
Thanks to our recent £15,000 grant from The Welsh Government's Wales for Africa Programme, mediated by the WCVA, we are delighted to announce that work started yesterday on the Forest Centre kitchen and restaurant. This is the final major infrastructure needed to complete the Centre and will enable it to open fully as a unique climate change, research and volunteering base in Tropical Africa.

06/10/18 - Bore Forest Centre holds Giriama Cultural Event

06/09/18 - New tomato project that aims to diversify farmer incomes away from charcoal burning takes off in a big way. First big buyer found for bumper harvest.

06/08/18 - Second classroom rising out of the ground at Kadunguni School this morning, funded 100% by the incredible WordForestOrg. This marks the start of a new expanded building programme with each new classroom being accompanied by the planting of 4,000 CO2 loving trees. This combined reforestation/construction project delivers sustainable employment, better educational outcomes, improved bio-diversity and should remove 1000 Tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 10 years.

28/07/18 4000 trees ordered through the incredible Tree-Nation platform in the last 2 months including 1000 for The Economist Magazine. This keeps our all-female seedling propagation team busy, pays for their kids school fees, creates habitats for thousands of bees, bats and birds whilst removing great chunks of CO2 from the atmosphere. If that isn't a win/win, nothing is!

15/07/18 Thanks so much to Cwmann and Tregaron Male Voice Choirs singing on behalf of our Boré mains water project.

05/07/18 - Thanks to Lampeter Rotary Club our 'Anything for Africa' second-hand shop in Lampeter will be open every Saturday this month to raise cash for our $35,000 project to put 5000 Bore residents on the mains. Come on down!

15/06/18 New tomato growing project aiming to help diversify incomes for Boré farmers gets underway at the Sabaki River

23/02/18 Bore Community Forest Centre Opened By Khilifi Minister of Tourism

06/02/18 CCL partnership water project with Rotary Club of Lampeter featured in South Wales District International Newsletter. The scheme is due to launch this year and aims to bring clean mains water to 5000 people in the Boré area.

30/01/18 CCL 'Highly Commended' by First Minister at Wales Africa Awards 2018

10/01/18 Good progress on the construction of new classroom at Kadunguni School
funded by the Word Forest Organisation

04/01/18 Date finally set for opening of the Boré Forest Centre (23/02/18)

01/12/17 Virtual Reality gaming competition at UWTSD Lampeter raises £340 for tree planting with Kenyan schools. Thanks very much to Hub Cymru Africa/Welsh Govt. for sponsoring this event.

15/11/17 Materials arrive on site for new classroom at Kadunguni School, courtesy of our incredible partners, the Word Forest Organisation. These people are simply unstoppable!

12/11/17 Fight fruit and climate change in Virtual Reality whilst planting trees at Kenyan schools....

09/11/17 Another massive order for 6000 plus trees from those brilliant people down at  Tree-Nation. Thanks a lot - this will give a real boost to lots of Boré families this Christmas
01/11/17 - New partnership with Morgan Academy, Swansea University aims to attract funding for research into low-emission hydrogen stove technology....Read more here

25/10/17 'Anything for Africa?' scheme launched in partnership with Lampeter Rotary Club to sell unwanted household items and bric-a-brac to raise cash for improvement of the mains water supply in Boré. Help us reach our target of $10,000 by donating your spare gear....
If you're in the mid-Wales area you can drop off any donations at our collection point in Lampeter or use the contact tab above and we'll arrange pick up.

22/10/17 - University of Wales TSD collaborating with CCL on new institution-wide campaign, to help fund clean water for the people of Boré. All cafés on every campus will accept small donations at the till to go towards the project. A gift of 5p delivers 40Litres(!) of precious clean water for an ordinary family.

27/09/17 - The Rotary Club of Malindi and The Rotary Club of Lampeter agree to apply for funding to develop a new mains water project in Bore
Malindi Rotary Club members visit Boré Forest Centre

The scheme is a partnership initiative between the two clubs and if successful, will see a major ($35,000) upgrade to the mains water supply system. Many women in the community have to carry heavy jerry cans of water up to 10Km daily and this project aims to reduce their frightening workload by bringing the mains supply closer to their homes. 13 new community storage tanks are planned along with significant extension of the existing supply network.

17/08/17 Potting up gets underway at Garashi nursery - Final year, target 133,000

14/05/17 Forest Centre accommodation block getting its Makuti roof whilst 15 workers are sustainably employed
11/05/17 Boré Forest Centre featured in Cambrian News

04/04/17 Materials arrive on site for Boré Forest Centre Accommodation Block

27/03/17 Kundeni School classroom building continues thanks to KCDF (Kenya Community Development Fund)

26/03/17 - Half a Million Trees for Kenyan Schools project in full swing. 60,000 tree seedlings being watered in main nursery, Bore.


17/03/17 - This is why we do it

09/03/17 - Everyone very busy this morning over at Garashi tree nursery near Boré on our Half a Million trees for Kenyan Schools project

02/02/17 - UWTSD Student Union raise £260 for the Boré Forest Centre with their Change4Change Jumble Sale. - Thanks a lot everyone!


29/01/17   New partnership with The Word Forest Organisation
We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the environmental charity, The Word Forest Organisation which we hope will lead to profound and long lasting improvements to the lives of the Boré community and beyond. More info coming soon - find out about their great work here.

Boré Forest Centre Development Plan completed

Many thanks to Manny Kincaid over at Living Design
for this superb piece of architectural drawing

24/10/16    Launch of Change4Change

 The student-led campaign to raise cash for the Bore Forest Centre
        Donate here

08/10/16 - Forest Centre Construction Slide Show

12/09/16 - Forest Centre Main Building Completed

Our 5-year scheme to create sustainable income streams for the farmers of Bore and a base for volunteers and researchers from Wales on the climate change front line in tropical Africa finally took shape yesterday...


12/08/16 Community members determine the perimeter location of the new Forest Centre

10/07/16 Materials arrive on site for the long awaited construction of our Forest Centre

Cutting trees down is not always a bad thing! These casuarina trunks were planted only 10 years ago and are now on site ready for the construction project...... If you cut down a tree and use it as firewood or charcoal then all of its absorbed carbon will return immediately to the atmosphere and once again contribute to global warming. If, on the other hand, you use the tree for building then the carbon it contains can be retained for many, many years. If a new tree is planted where the original tree stood then a further chunk of dangerous carbon can be removed from the air. Trees grow incredibly fast in the Tropics and this is one of the main reasons why tropical forests such as those in Kenya play such a critical role in cooling the planet.
20/05/16 Second new class room at Kundeni school  now finished and ready for the kids. Thanks so much to Magic Oxygen Publishing and Tree-Nation

01/05/16 Great mention for CCL in the latest issue of Permaculture Magazine

(Summer '16)Read the full article 'Reduce, Renew, Offset' by Donnachadh McCarthey here

20/04/16 "Blooming Great Help for Kenyan Communities" Cambrian News Story

09/04/16 Second new class room at Kundeni school ready for roofing - thanks to the good people over at Magic Oxygen Publishing. More info here.

19/03/16 CCL Director meets Kenyan High Commissioner

(L-R, Cat Jones - Head of Hub Cymru Africa, His Excellency Lazarus O. Amayo - High Commissioner for Kenya, Mrs Anne Kamau - Commercial Counsellor Kenyan High Commission, Ru Hartwell - Director CCL)

05/03/16 -
140,000 seedlings now ready for distribution to 124 schools and community groups from 3 Coast Province tree nurseries....

 - That's a lot of carbon due to to be yanked out of the atmosphere....(about 33,000 tonnes over the long term - conservatively estimated)

18/02/16 Work of CCL endorsed in Parliament and featured in The Cambrian News

06/02/16 Cat Jones from Hub Cymru Africa drops in on Kundeni School (and watch the video here)

24/11/15 - Seedlings amassing at the central project nursery..

11/10/15 - Work starts with a smile in Bore on seedling propagation for the Half a Million Trees for Schools project...

16/0816/08/15 - Yippee! We have just been funded to plant another 400,000 trees with 125 Coastal Province Schools. Our Half a Million Trees for Schools project will run over 3 years and will ultimately see a total of 500,000 trees planted. More info here.
02/08/15 - Great new video for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize which is funding the building of a second new classroom and planting thousands of trees at Kundeni School. Write and plant - anyone?

01/07/15 - New forest-friendly stove installed at Kundeni School. Half the fuel/half the CO2.....

18/05/15 - The last of 100,000 trees being delivered to one of 57 Coast Province schools marking the completion of our 1-year, Size of Wales funded, Trees for Schools Programme

04/05/15 - Blocks arrive for our second new class room at Kundeni School
Thanks to help from Magic Oxygen Publishing and University of Wales, TSDSU, enough blocks are now on site to build another brand new class room for the kids at Kundeni

07/03/15 - Order to plant 7000 trees from The Economist via Tree-Nation
Thanks very much to our partners over at Tree-Nation for delivering this order which will be shared equally between the farmers of Bore and local schools participating in our Trees for Schools Programme

22/02/15 - Foundations going in for our second new classroom at Kundeni School. This project is being funded by the great people down at Magic Oxygen Publishing - their incredibly successful Magic Oxygen Literary Competition attracted interest from all over the world and because a tree was put in for each entrant over 800 new trees have also been planted at the school. Win-Win or what? Get your copy of the anthology here and add to the Word Forest!

24/12/14 - £250 raised in half an hour on Twitter and Facebook to keep Amina and Kazungu in secondary education for another year! #WeLoveSocialMedia?

13/12/14 - CCL Receives Gold Star Award from First Minister
Carwyn Jones AM makes the award to Abi Jenkins, Rosie Scannell, Rocco Attala and Luci Attala at a ceremony in the Senedd, Cardiff (04/12/14) with Edie Mhembere from the Welsh Governments Wales Africa Programme

25/10/14 - New Kundeni classroom in use

21/10/14 - 50,000 trees planted under Size of Wales funded, Trees for Schools Programme

Latest update: Halfway to our target of 104,000 trees, planting ongoing at 52 schools, tree nurseries established at 7 schools, remaining trees being propagated in 3 main community nurseries. Map of participating schools coming soon.

10/09/14 - New Classroom opens at Kundeni School

25/07/14 - Agreement reached with Bore Green Umbrella workers co-op that the £7,500 raised as part of the cancelled Forest Expedition should be allocated towards completion of the class room building project at Kundeni School.

Though we are desperately sad that we were not able to make the expedition happen, we are happy that the hard work put in by the volunteers and the generosity shown by the wider community in Lampeter will still provide a lasting benefit to the children of Bore.

27/06/14 - Wales/Kenya Forest Expedition Cancelled

We are desperately sorry to announce that our flagship project to take 14 volunteers over to Bore this August has been cancelled due to the escalating violence in Coast Province. With a series of incidents occurring near Lamu over the past weeks and our contacts in Malindi advising us that we would not be safe at this time, no other course of action was possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for their help and the volunteers for their hard fund raising work - over £7,500 was collected and will still go out to the community. We can't pretend that this is anything other than a major setback and we will have to see how things develop out there before working with the community in Bore to chart a new path for the CCL.

07/06/14 - Final volunteer member of Forest Expedition selected via national competition in Western Mail and Wales Online

31/05/14  - Forest Expedition members receiving training on International Volunteering from Jenny Allen, courtesy of Wales Africa Community Links

08/05/14V08/05/14 -
08/05/14 -            
 We need your old Laptop!

As part of our Rooting for Change - Trees for Schools Programme we are searching for 52 spare laptops to give out to Kenyan teachers. Education is highly valued over there but desperately under resourced so our plan is to donate one computer to each of 52 schools as an incentive to take part in this ambitious tropical forestry scheme, funded by Size of Wales. We will carefully wipe your old machine, install the basic software and ship it out. All you have to do is send it by courier or post to Treeflights, Workshop R/O 56 Bridge St, Lampeter, Ceredigion SA48 7AB.       Any questions?     Ring Ru on 07773001132 or email here.

Ru Hartwell,
2 Dec 2017, 04:11