Carbonite Offer Code 2014

Carbonite is a service that provides you a backup solution for your computer at home or business. This online backup service provides inexpensive, easy and automatic solution for backup problems. Basically, a cloud based back up service, Carbonite provides solutions to both businesses and individuals for their backup needs. Carbonite coupons can be used for getting discounts on various plans or getting a free trial plan. The following are step by step instructions for using Carbonite coupons or promo codes – 

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1. Create a Carbonite Account – The first thing you need to do is create an account on Carbonite.

• Enter Mail ID and Password - You need to enter your email id and your password needs to have at least 8 characters.

• Fill Your Profile Details – This includes your name, important contact information and security questions (3) in case you need to retrieve information related to your login details. Every time you visit the site, use this information to login into the site. In case you forget your password, you can answer the security questions and reset it. A mail will be sent to you on your email address, allowing you to reset your password. 

2. Install Carbonite On Your Computer – After creating the account, you will be provided with a link to install Carbonite on your computer, in case you haven’t done so already. 

• For Mac, your processor should be Intel based with OS X 10.6 or above. Mountain Lion 10.8 is not supported.

• For Windows, Windows XP S3, Windows 7 and 8 and Vista is supported. 
After installing, you can perform an automatic backup. However, executable files, videos, external hard drives and files bigger than 4GB need to be manually selected. You can also go for customized back up through which you can specify which files to back up, manage the encryption key and set a schedule for backup as well. 

3. Select a Carbonite Plan – There are various plans you can use – 

• Basic Plan – This plan would back up all your videos, photos, documents and music online. The access is anywhere and anytime, and is automated. Its yearly cost is $59.99. 

• Home Plus Plan – This plan would provide all the benefits of the basic plan, plus you can back up your computer and external hard drive. It is only for Windows and its yearly cost is $99.99. 

• Home Premier Plan – This plan would provide all the benefits of the home plus plan, plus you would get a courier recovery service and video back up (automatic). Its yearly cost is $149.99. 

• Business Plan – This plan provides automatic backup for any number of computers, NAS devices and external hard drives. Its yearly cost is $229.99 for 250GB. 

• Business Premier Plan – This plan provides back up for all computers and a Windows Server back up. Its yearly cost is $599.99. 

4. Purchase a Carbonite Plan – After you make a selection, depending on your needs, you would see that if you choose a plan for 2 or 3 years, you would be offered many savings. 

5. Use Carbonite Coupon or Offer Code – When you are checking out, you would see a blank field where promo codes and Carbonite coupons can be entered. When you insert the code, you need to press apply to reflect the offer. If it is a valid code, your savings and final payable amount would be shown. 

For any issues with installation, the website of Carbonite has many helpful videos, tutorials and a Support section for helping you out. Otherwise, you can call, email or have an online chat with them for help. 

Before you sign up for Carbonite and use Carbonite coupon and offer code, the following are some things you should know about this service provider. 

 Founded and Located - Carbonite was founded in 2005, in Boston. It was developed by Jeff Flowers and David Friend. Soon, it had more than 400 trained and talented employees. Its headquarters are located at Boston, Massachusetts and its Customer Care is located in Lewiston, Maine. 

 Work - So far, they have backed up more than 300 billion files and the number keeps growing. Every day, over 350 million files are backed up by Carbonite. 

 Awards - In 2010 and 2011, they found a place in ‘500 Fastest Growing Companies in America’ by Inc Magazine. 2013 saw Carbonite receiving the Silver Stevie Award for being the Contact center of the Year. Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce awarded Business Leadership Award to Carbonite’s exemplary support center. Their Marketing VP Swami Kumaresan was in the “40 under 40” list of Boston Business Journal.