"Kyoto Protocol" Fire-Up Package

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When you are convinced and agree upon the potential of this Kyoto Protocol / the "Low Carbon Economy", and the strategic opportunities it offers, it is now time to to identify how YOU will make money with it; how all this will impact your plan of action and what to do.

What to do, will depend on who you are, how strong you are, are you an organisation or an individual, what power do you have, how familiar are you with the Low Greenhouse Gas Economy, etc.

To quickly identify how to be successful, we have developed a "Kyoto Protocol" Fire-up Package.

You are in the center.  You have already Leadership in your market by your customers, partners, share holders and others.  With our knowledge and experience and network in the Low Carbon Economy, we want to help you develop even more Leadership, offer even more share-holder value, customer-, employee- and partner-satisfaction and bring you a maximal part of that supposedly 42 Trillion € GDP Fossile Gased Economy that has to find its way/re-invent itself/find its place in the Low Carbon Economy, according to Joe DOERR, the multi-billionaire and team leader under President Barack OBAMA who has to lead the USA out of the economic misery of the financial crash of 2008-2009.

Most customers and partners find our "Kyoto Protocol" Fire-Up Package, a good way to start with as it limits your risks of investing a lot of time, money and other resources by going heads over hands into the Low Carbon Economy.
Our "Kyoto Protocol" Fire-Up Package is composed of following logical steps:

 IIntake Interview
We propose to do an '''Intake Interview''' with (one of) your managers who can explain us a.o. what your business is about and your Strategical Plan, how you do business, are you prepared to enter a Special Purpose Company/Vehicle, do you want +50% of the shares in that SPV or can that be negotiated, how much money and resources do you want to devote to the effort at hand, ...
Alone or Team: 4h minimum
That information we take back to our team, where we do a '''SWOT''' analysis on it. And we focus upon the Strengths and Opportunities, and how it can help you develop or take a Leadership position in the Low Carbon Economy and how to quickly monetize this and bring additional share holder value.
Team: Minimum 2h on day 1 and after a nights rest 1h, because we experience that after a nights thinking things over, there might be some more insights that appear.
 AAdditional Draft "Kyoto" Webpage
We then turn that into an '''Additional Draft-"Kyoto" Webpage''' for your Group's Website.
 Alone or Team: 4h + 1h team feedback
The Draft-"Kyoto" Webpage is then used as a basis for a '''Board Room and Managers level Workshop''' to give everybody the opportunity to get to grips with the impact / opportunities the Kyoto Protocol has on the company and their responsibilities.
 Team: 4h + 1h next day for debriefing
 = I Saw
 Total "Kyoto" Launch Package
 4h + 3h x 2 persons + 4h + 1h x 2 persons + 4h x 2 persons + 1h = 23 h x 525 €/8h = ± 1.510 € excl. travel & hotel + 2.000 € for Brussels Office participation + 1.000 € Your Office = '''± 5.510 to 10.000 € excl. travel & hotel'''

Remember: There is a spreadsheet of this where you can personalize and adapt the figures and immediately see the final fee.  Just ask : skype SvenAERTS

According to Joe DARREN, some 42 Trillion € of the 65 Trillion GDP of our 2009 world GDP has to re-invent itself somehow and make the transition from the Fossile Based Economy into the Low Carbon Economy.  The sooner you have identified to your customers, partners, employees and share holder how you can help them develop Additional Value by collaborating with you by positioning yourself as a solution provider/partner who is already in the Low Carbon Economy, the sooner you will be able to take your part of that 42 Trillion € that is coming our way.
A logical way to get started is our "Kyoto Protocol" Fire-Up- package which limits your risk in time and resources and typically values between 5.500 and 10.000 €.  It gives both our groups the time to get to know each other, and then we can see if we want to take it another step, but one step at a time.  In business, there is no need for passionate hugging from the beginning.  At least you and your management team will have a good understanding of what's going on, the key-figures to have in mind or nearby, the terminology, a draft "Low Carbon Economy' web-page explaining how you see your role and what partners, customers and financiers can come to you for, specifically related to the new opportunities the Low Carbon is offering and related to your strenghts.

Please call us now: + 32 7 876 7 21 or skype: Sven AERTS

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