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Some facts on the Carbon Friendly Economy

2005, when the power to print money, fell back into the hands of "the people".

Basically, there are 2 types of CO2e-certificates:
1. AAU's / EUA's: Assigned Amount Units / European Union Allowances
2. CER's: Certified Emission Reduction's (certificates)

Let's first focus on the 1 and then on 2.

1. AAU's / EUA's: Assigned Amount Units / European Union Allowances.
The basic idea was, that our planetary eco-system has some flexibility in dealing with greenhouse gasses.  There is some elasticity that it can deal with. There have been times there's been more and less CO2e emissions and "Life" has survived.  So, when we had all this worrying info coming in of humans - us - causing a global Climate Destabilization, some of us asked : Ok, but can't we put a figure on that absorption or elasticity capacity.  And we asked our brightest, who we united in the IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - that is most of our Nobel Price winners on this and related topics and just about everybody who has satellites around the planet, etc.  And they came back with a figure. Let's say: 600x tons/year of CO2e we can emit per year.  So let's stay away from the maximum elasticity and say: ok, well, we could emit upto 500x tons/year, and I guess you also agree, 1 person 1 vote, so we divide this quantity over all of us, via our governments, so the Africans get their fair share, the Americans, idem the Australians, the Asians, the Europeans, etc. hence the name: the amounts of Rights to Emit CO2e - greenhouse gasses, you get assigned to you, or the amounts you're ALLOWED (allowances) to emit into the atmosphere.  And that's what we'll have to live with.  Every ton we emit in excess, basically someone or some species dies, and either you morally accept this and live on or not, but let's stick to our model here. (Click this link to expand on the research on the ethics and morality of Climate Change effects).
Anything wrong with this so far? No.
Ok, so lets' take it one step further.  How can this AAU/EUA types of CO2e-certificate help set a system in motion that will make sure there's like more "green technologies" being implemented, get a flux of money moving towards reducing greenhouse gasses and the negative aspects of it and if possible even bring them to the places where they're most efficient - where you get the biggest "bang for the bucket" - help people and animals and plants that are most suffering from this Global Climate debacle?
So, who's distributing the 500x "Allowances to Pollute" annually, i.e. the 500x AAU's/EAU's per year or whatever you prefer to call them? Let's agree it is a new department in the United Nations: the UNFCCC.org - the groups managing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. OK? So, every year they distribute equitably the allowances over all the nations, according to the number of their citizens and for every ton of CO2e you emit, you have to give back 1 CO2e-allowance. OK?
And again, so far, no problem if the system is honest.  Have a look and for the sake of the argument, let's oversimplify again and say the Europeans, they've been insulating their homes, drive low carbon cars, put up wind-turbines, are going all green and eco and the USA is still not so much.  So, let's kick-start the Emission Trading System on january 1st 2005, which is basically what happened.
So week 1 of 2005, it is very cold in the northern hemisphere with the Americans and the Europeans.  The Americans are cold and start burning coal to warm up their homes, and for every 1 ton of CO2-equivalent that goes into the air, they hand over to the UNFCCC, 1 CO2e-allowance / right to pollute.  Second week, idem ditto, third week idem ditto, also the Europeans have reached their 1 ton of CO2e emission by now - even in their insulated, low-carbon houses - etc.  And as you know we're living as if we have some 8 planets, somewhere around half february, the Americans, Arabs and Europeans and Japanese, Australians, etc. have used up, i.e. burned up their assigned quota.  So every ton of CO2e they're going to emit into the atmosphere, is going to kill someone now.  Fortunately, the Africans, some Asians, Latin-Americans, haven't used some or not even a single of their assigned amounts / rights to emit CO2e.  So in principle, the Americans could negotiate with the e.g. Latin Americans and the Europeans with the Africans if they' couldn't buy-over some of these Latin-American / African spare CO2e-assigned amounts/rights to pollute.  Why not? 
And this is what actually happens and here you see how this first "Kyoto" / Emission Trading System sets in motion a flow of money from the polluters to those that are suffering from it / not polluting.  And with the extra revenues, these Latin-Americans, Africans, poor Asians, etc. could start implementing smart grids, energy-efficiency, insulation, wind-turbines, PhotoVoltaics, LED-lamps, ethanol stoves, biodiesel, etc. you name it and thus jump straight into the "Green Economy / Low Carbon Economy / Sustainable Economy" together with the Europeans, and everybody else, so they won't even have to go through some fossil fuel "industrial revolution" and only then jump to this "smart eco-/green economy society".
Again, any problems? NO.  In theory, NO: perfect.
BUT: as a global civilization, we use have a global footprint of about 8 times our planet's.  So even if we use all these spare / un-used CO2e units from Africans, Latin Americans, poor Asians, poor former USSR states, etc. we would still not have enough.  Somewhere end february, we would have used up all of our "Rights to Pollute" / Assigned Amount Units of the whole planet.

Enters mechanism 2: 
We're stuck with above.  But, genious as we are - In principle - if we were to remove 1 ton of CO2e, e.g. we'd plant a tree and the tree breaths in CO2e from the atmosphere, really removes CO2e from the atmosphere and turns it into trunk-tree-leaves-roots and breaths out O2-oxygen which we breath in and we emit CO2e and that's how the circle is closed.  So for every tree we plant and every ton of CO2e it absorbs EXTRA, because let's agree for arguments sake that without our effort of planting it, there would never have been any additional tree where we plant it, e.g. somewhere in the Savanna or in some nearly desert situation e.g.  And if we plant those trees in a low wage/low cost country where there's massive space, say somewhere in Latin America or Africa or Asia, for every ton of CO2e captured, we could - in principle - allow ourselves as a species to emit 1 ton of CO2e somewhere else, e.g. in the USA, where in the month of february it is still damn cold, idem in Europe and we want to warm ourselves.
Same reasoning: if we were to replace CO2e emitting kerosene fossil fuel electricity generators in a little village in Africa with some PhotoVoltaics/Windturbine/led lamp combination, we could like calculate that and for every ton of CO2e NOT emitted, we could go to the UNFCCC.org people that manage the first type of CO2e-certificates, show them the project and they could like certify that this is all true via independent verificators and all and allow us to again emit another ton of CO2e as it would be a "Carbon Neutral" event.  Again: NO problem.
And in fact you just witnessed the second "Kyoto Mechanism also know as Clean Development Mechanism", setting in motion a mechanism where a flow of money and investments and even transfer of green technologies goes from the polluters to those that are suffering from it, and I have to add, that we agreed and signed and even made it tougher on us than in theory necessary, that in fact you can only generate these second type of CER's CO2e-certificates - Certified Emission Reduction (certificates) in developing countries.  So if you'd put a wind-turbine in Europe, the project wouldn't be printing CO2e-certificates of that CER-type.

So where's the problem? 

Well, system 1 has been completely hijacked !  The second type the CER-CO2e certificates, that's working pretty ok, here and there some idiot that planted only 1 type of trees or tried to secretly cut down some trees and then plant some new ones and thought it wouldn't be noticed by the sattelites circulating above their heads.  Naive.  And it's just a matter of time these idiots get suckered in by some awake NGO's that file a complaint and then the UNFCCC.org annulate all the attributed CO2e-certificates and since they're all eletronic, that's a very easy thing to do.  Some idiots trying to sell on these CO2e-certificates to some corrupt stupid governments or Mafia type of banks, but pretty quickly when they then want to sell on these "barred" CO2e certificates to people that DO know their stuff, they're of course caught and brought to justice.  Basically same stuff going on as with the regular fossil currencies: are there people that try to print false $ and Euro's, yes, of course, but eventually they get caught and in Arabia, I guess they'd chop off their hands or something. And our Carbon Money, i.e. our CER type of CO2e-certificates, it's even more easy as there's no physical delivery, it's all electronically and you can follow it just like an email: you know who wrote it, to whom it was sent, and forwarded afterwards.  And if you would be selling illegal arms, drugs or stuff to make a dirty atomic bomb, the police would track down the whole chain, without too much trouble.  CO2e-certificates be them type 1 or type 2, they're a bankers dream: 100% electronic and you can track them down, history is always included and you can really go back to: ok but how was that 1 ton of CO2e reduced, the eletronic number on the series would bring it right back to the project and the tree that was planted, and by whom it was planted and you could go and visit that tree or wind-turbine or whatever.  I'm running a bit ahead, but that's 1 of the reasons why some groups NOW already prefer them and prefer to USE these CO2e-certificates as cash, as money to pay for goods and services, rather than USA $, e.g.

So, where on earth, why are people against CO2e-certificates? Well, normally they're not against the CER-Certified Emission Reduction Certificates type.  They are against the 1st type the Assigned Amount Units / (European Union) Allowances to emit CO2e, the "Rights to Pollute".  And why? Because the principle of the system isn't ok? NO, the system is ok... Only it has been completely hijacked, but in the most unbelievable way: some - sorry if you're working in the fossil industry - but some "fossils" lobbyists came in and just said and got away with it: we don't accept the 500x tons / year.  You're going to give us, you're going to Assign us the Amounts WE will tell you we need, and it is indeed 8 times 500 x tons of CO2-equivalents.  Can you imagine that?
Who are these people? Don't they have kids? How many more satellites and Nobel Price winners do they have on their side to challenge what the IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - has on its side?  These fossil lobbyists have just gambled our whole future away for our whole planetary civilization, humanity, humans and just about all Life as we know it!

But it gets worse !
Not only that.  They manage to create so much confusion and certainly don't explain the difference between "their" hijacked AAU/EAU-CO2e certificates and the CO2e-certificates of type 2: the CER's for which you really have to plant a tree in Africa or a PV panel or biogas project in Latin America.  And they want you to believe it's all the same and it's all bad, BECAUSE THEY WANT AND NEED YOU TO VOTE THE WHOLE KYOTO PROTOCOL AND EMISSION TRADING SYTEM AWAY.

WHY? Because now they have the sole and absolute power to print money, fossil money, AND controll how much is put in circulation AND to withdraw it from the markets and make your projects/ business fall into their hands.

Imagine you're sending 6000 wind-turbines over to Africa, but there's a storm at sea and your wind-turbines arrive like 6 weeks later and the rainy season just started a bit earlier and so you won't be producing and selling electricity until 5 months later, so you won't be able to pay your bank's interests on the loan for the project.  But no problem, you think, you have your credit lines for such events.  Just happens that the "fossils" have orchestrated yet another financial crisis and unfortunately via your bank have to announce you that they're withdrawn your credit lines.  Oups... sorry.  You're bankrupt.  Then comes another friend of them with another business card, trained in putting on the sorriest face you've every seen to announce you that he or she can't do anything else but pay you the price of the steel for your wind-turbines - cause they don't know anything about wind-turbines - and with it your green-eco-innovation licences as your wind-turbines were the newest european eco-innovation.  And that's how they work: you are inside the box, being all entrepreneurial, and they are outside the box, and when it's harvesting time, they "shake" the box, retract credit lines etc and you fall and they take over your project of 6000 windturbines and eco-innation patents.
Now, imagine 2 years earlier, you've been putting up another project somewhere in Africa, so you'd be printing huge amounts of CO2e certificates.  Imagine you took a loan with a non-fossil allied bank.  And you'd ask, if it would be ok to pay NOT in USA $, but in 1 CO2e-certificates, in 1 CER's that you print yourself with your windturbines from 2 years ago.  And that bank actually hasn't too much trust in the USA $ and would prefer you even to pay in 1 CO2e-money... you just by-passed the entire "fossil-economic-military-political complex' and THAT is why they want you to be against ALL of the CO2e Emission Trading.  They are SCARED AS HELL you would discover that since 2005, you can ALSO start printing your own money: 1 CO2e certificates = Carbon Money.
If you have been living a sustainable life-style for maybe even decades, well probably you know some Africans, Latin Americans, you are NOT a racist and in fact you DO like working with poor local communities in Asia, of you would even be friends with some that are living near you, in your own country.  If you would explain this to them, it's like easy for you both to start printing your own money.  As a matter of fact, maybe you HAVE already been supporting the implementation of ethanol stoves replacing charcoal stoves that are clogging the lungs of mothers and kids, or putting-up some PV panels to power-up a local school or little mobile phone charging business.   And you can actually go back till 2000 and "monetize" all these projects.

You have a bank account, you have a savings account and even an account where you keep your stock-bonds etc.  Has ANYONE ever told you, that since 2005, you can also have a CO2e certificate account for keeping the CO2e certificates you may "print" / generate yourself?

Why has never ever before anybody told you these things in this way? 

The bottle-neck is NOT the money, it's not the technologies: windturbines are already around for some thousands of years, trees go back till the beginning of times... the bottle-neck is: TRANSFER OF KNOW-HOW.

If you want to be part of this? Contact us !
But how on earth would someone come up with accepting anything like a "bad" CO2e-certificate, or "right to pollute"?

Imagine a money backed, not by gold, diamonds, petro-derivates or any other resources that push peoples and their nations to go to war to conquer these mines and resources, but imagine a money that's backed by doing good, such as capturing a gas that's become available in concentrations so it threatens Life as we know it.
You want to print this money? Simple, plant a tree.  The tons of CO2e it captures from the atmosphere, you can get in CO2e-certificates.  Replace a fossile fuel, CO2e-emitting technology by a renewable energy equivalent and you print that new money.  Every turn over a windturbine prints a CO2e-certificate, idem Photovoltaics, Solar Cookers, improved stoves, ... This is now a (100 billion €) sector, just the CO2e-certificate trading alone. And it brings green technologies to developing countries, so people can improve their lives immediately using renewable energy and get to a more sustainable world together with the people that caused the Global Climate Destabilisation.

Wether you are African, American, Asian, Australian, European, Middle Eastern or live on the North Pole, everybody on the planet knows what a CO2e-Certificate means; it is clearly described in the "Kyoto Protocol" under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

But that's not all.  The second exciting thing is that the power of generating this currency is brought back into the hands of the people: everybody can generate them. All you have to do is somehow take 1 ton of Greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere - plant a tree, put a windturbine in the air and prevent electricity having to be made by burning coal, idem for Photovoltaics, biogas, just capture or store these gazes that become Life threatening if they are too many and putting like a blanket around the Earth so it overheats to a point that Life for Humanity becomes under threat.  Get it certified you removed that ton of CO2e and then you can claim and receive your CO2e-certificate / Carbon Money in your bank account and you can start buying and selling stuff with it or exchange it for local currencies.
That is a revolution! Wars have started to get control over who printed the money of a people or ownership over the underlying currency back-up s.a. gold-mines for example.

So for the first time, it's not necessary to fight over some gold mines or diamonds or oil wells to back-up the value of your currency: since 2005, a life threatening and over-abunded series of Greenhouse Gasses is the back-up.

People this is a revolution, these are very exciting times in which we are living, we're on a TURNING POINT again... and future generations, your kids and their kids and the kids of their kids, they will be proud of you if they know, my grand-mother or grandfather was part of this revolution... and this wind-turbine here, that's been put up by all of the grand-parents in our village and thanks to it, we have free energy and we're printing our own money and we can determin our own future and make it a better world.  And it is in this road that was set by my grand father and mother that I want to continue inspire those that come after me.

If you want to be part of this revolution, stop talking about it, get-up and ACT and contACT us, you'll love it !
Thirdly-you have to admit-however entrepreneurial or socialist you are. You don't mind paying taxes to cover for a number of services we all need anyway: fire-brigade, basic health care system, roads, infrastructure, good air, water, food, education system, living conditions or exchanging stuff via money, as long as everybody has to pay the same taxes and everybody has access to the same extend to the money and it is safe and traceable money that is the hardest to use in a criminal circuit because of its traceability and steal-free as it is 100% electronic and keeps a history when it changes hands.  This will release a huge potential energy for the better.
2007:   62 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates alone
2008: 100 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates alone
With USA joining the Kyoto Protocol, 
the need for CO2e-Certificates will rise to 3.000 Billion $ by 2020, that's 3 Trillion $ ... compare that to the Worlds Global GDP (all products and services) of 65 Trillion $ and you get an idea on the importance of the sector and that it is of Strategical Importance to get to grips with the implications on your own activities ! Not a single company is not touched/influenced either directly or indirectly !
Make sure you get the first mover advantage, have the first choice for partnerships, expansion opportunities.

More sectors - e.g. transport, aviation, computer manuf., ... are coming under the Kyoto Protocol,
more and more countries responsible for the Global Climate Destabilisation come under the Kyoto Protocol,
we go from a -8% CO2e-reduction obligation to -20/30% by 2020 and -60/85% by 2050 !

- Ist die Phantasie stark genug, hält die Realität nicht stand (Hegel) -
(Provided your Fantasy is strong enough, Reality won't be able to withstand it.)

In the past many didn't recognize when they lived during turning-point moments in history 
and missed major opportunities or strategical alliance opportunies.  Let this not happen to you. Contact us now !

We operate in about the only sector that keeps growing and attracting money during the 2008-2009 Financial "Crisis", 
let us join hands as the market & opportunities are immense and because we know how to make twist your business in such a way 
that you too offer additional Return on Investment and Risk Reduction 
thanks to the generation and sale of CO2e-Certificates to financiers/partners/shareholders.

By our peers, we are recognized as inventive, witty, fast, creative and connected as no one else.

So don't hesitate to contact us for a friendly 15' chat or exchange of viewpoints at above contact data.

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We hope you are as exciting about all this as we and together we can uplift Humanity to a level it has never been  for.  We go for this and nothing less and encourage you to join us !

Sven AERTS - Post Grad. Engineer