Since 2005, "CO2e" Is Money...
or Carbon Is Money.
Welcome to our Virtual Office !

We are an Open team/Association of Kyoto Protocol Consultants and CO2e-Reducing Project Promoters,developing Leadership in the Low Carbon Economy in which you can acquire shares.
We are coming in from "Agenda 21" and supporting the Millennium Development goals,
 helping you to unlock your "Kyoto Protocol" potential.

If you want to join our association, or if you want to find out

"How to increase welfare, create local jobs, attract financiers, bring additional profit,
develop business, business expansion and M&A opportunities,
offer additional Risk Reduction and Roi thanks to sale of CO2e-certificates
under the Kyoto Protocol". 

and how we could collaborate, please contact us:
  1. Brussels Office: +32 2 7 876 7 21 (fix) skype: svenaerts
  2. Malta Office+356 21 418 756 (fix) 

Somewhere in 2008, CO2e-trading broke the € mark (100 billion €- year 2009), exchanging money from the Fossile Fuel based military-economic complex with a sustainable currency, pushing towards a sustainable, low-carbon prosperity with CO2e Certificates as a major currency.  More...

2005 holds one of the most exciting dates in the history of humanity: for the first time humanity shares a single common currency worldwide - Carbon or more precisely CO2e-Certificates, offering a sustainable alternative currency to the fossil currencies and at the same time the power of printing money fell back into the hands of 
"the people".

CO2e-tickets in carboard, metal, casino-chips, Belgian chocolat, cookies with or without real CO2e-certificates attached, with or without animation.