New Features

  • The Winter'14 version includes a new tool to track the consumption of paper. The tool records the paper consumption, the type of paper used and how much of the paper will be recycled.

  • In this version we enabled the tracking of air quality. Air quality is an important part of the workplace life quality. It is also very indicative of the impact of the organization on pollution.

  • This version offers a new user interface for the web, tablets and mobile devices. Also a new dashboard is integrated to summarize the organization's CSR contributions.

  • This version simply enabled advertisers to sponsor the solution so that Carbon and more stays completely free to its users.

  • A better helpĀ mechanismĀ has been added for novice users.

  • An hydro-wizard is now available to ease the logging of hydro-related carbon and understand better the organization's need in hydro energy.

  • Users can now log their generic Carbon emissions. This allows a full automation of the carbon footprint of an organization.
  • Users can now log their Carbon offsets. This allows an automated calculation of the carbon neutrality of an organization.

  • Users can now log their travels. This allows an automated calculation of the carbon footprint generated through travels. The GHG (GreenHouse Gas) is calculated using CO2 equivalent.

  • Water Management now includes facilities to track the level of water freshness used as part of each water consumption. Also, now users can track the level of water recycling they achieved.
  • Community donations can now be tracked by beneficiary. Donations can be tracked in cash or in kind.