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Paper Management

Paper Management

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), organizations invited to pay attention to the nature and amount of paper they consume and process for recycling. The paper management features enable the recording of the volume of paper that is being consumed, its type (recycled paper, certified paper) and how much of it your organization dispose of for recycling.

Carbon and More permits the recording and tracking of the paper being used by an organization as well as its capability in implementing a paper recycling process.
The records offered contain the following elements:
- A name for each record, so that the organization can easily track its record,
- The volume of paper used by indicated the weight of each item (e.g. 10 Kg)
- The percentage of the paper that has or will be recycled
- The period applicable for the record
- The type of paper, recycled or certified.
We currently offer a few types of certification. Should you want suggest another type please submit your request to Carbonandmore.uservoice.com.

There is a small scientific controversy about the impact of paper usage on the environment. Paper is made of trees which is considered a renewable resource. Trees can be a source of energy (though necessarily very clean energy if we consider wood burning). Trees and forest also have major positive impacts on the environment such as:
- Turning carbon into oxygen through photo-synthesis (as long as the trees are alive),
- Maintaining soil in place,
- Maintaining humidity in certain area.
Note that all of the above are true and are not related to the usage of trees to produce paper.
As such we build our solution in order to invite organization to help their CSR performance by minimizing their usage of paper, inviting the use of recycle paper (less tree required) and certified providers (to help with the reduction of wild deforestation).
While the production/transportation of paper is also a big contributor to CO2 equivalent carbon, we do not factor in the carbon emission as part of the consumption records as the consumers are not directly involved in the carbon emission. 


There are many way to invite a new behaviour that will reduce paper use and costs in organizations such as offices or in schools. Most organizations can target a 50% reduction of wasted paper and enjoy the savings at the same time, a truth of CSR’s tripe bottom line. Here are a few practical tips on how to implement cost-saving, paper reduction programs:

Think twice, print once!
Typically the number of printers, their location and the fact it is very easy to print (the “print” button being often accessible) makes it very easy to print for no good reasons. So help user reduce their “print reflex” you may
- Setup printers to use double-sided print by default
- Implement print quotas and distribute monthly to users
- Place “motivational” signs near each printer
- Implement “printer off” Tuesdays or office challenge
- Had a “please consider the environment before printing this email” on email footers
- Carefully calculate batch orders so that you do not end-up with many brochures or similar on your shelves, think “lean”
- Conduct paper-less meeting and use large screens instead

Use thinner and certified paper
The cost of paper and its impact on the environment is correlated to both the thickness of paper and from the type of paper. You may:
- User thinner paper, they use less fiber and cost more to transport
- Acquire recycled paper or certified paper that guarantees trees are processed and replaced in a more sustainable manner
- Don’t buy paper that contains contaminants (e.g. glossy/plastic coating) in recycling

Reduce paper demand
You can reduce paper by analysing carefully where your use of paper comes from and act on it:
- Reduce unwanted mail by unsubscribing from publications you do not need 
- Use a “refuse, return to sender” policy for unsolicited mail you deem inappropriate
- Reuse paper when possible

Promote technology as a substitute
Information technology offer many solutions that can either fully replace or help the reduction of paper user:
- Email or eDelivery of documents or magazines
- Intranets
- On-line reviews of document through eSharing rather than printed copies
- Electronic archive and imaging
- Electronic approvals or workflows