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Recording Volunteer Work

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), organizations may encourage their staff to contribution to society through the donation of their time community causes. For example, volunteering for community events, providing free education or running a local fund raiser can be considered good positive contributions to society. The Community Work feature enable the recording of the volume of hours that are being donated as well as the 3rd party beneficiary of the volunteer work performed. Employees demand for CSR activities is growing.
Carbon and More permits the recording and tracking of volunteer work performed by an organization (or household) as well as the break-down of the various beneficiary.
The records offered contain the following elements:
- A name for each record, so that the organization can easily track its record,
- The volume of hours donated as part of each record
- The beneficiary of the volunteer work
- The period applicable for the record
- Some additional comments for documentation

Enabling employees to contribute volunteer work is a good way to promote a CSR culture. Volunteer work can take multiple forms:
- Enabling employees to spend time working for local charities or community organizations,
- Running non-profit projects to deliver services or products to help society,
- Promoting what you are going all employees and customers to help create followers
Typically companies that support volunteering effort benefit with lower staff turnover and a more engaged workforce. Group events also may strengthen team spirit. 
Being to record and track volunteering helps with the above and your overall CSR program.


Volunteering programs are easy to setup, here are a few tips:

Acknowledge publicly the benefits of volunteering and your intentions
Philanthropic activities do not have to be the best guarded secret. You can make your intention known and be serious about by adding your volunteering programs to your HR policies (why not start with 1% of employee’s time target?).
Communicate well to all employees and the community what you are trying to achieve.
Ensure that managers lead by example.

Make commitments and employee challenges
Intent is good but commitment is better. Why not set goals in the form of employee challenges?

Select your community services well
There are hundreds of community services you may contribute too.
 On the one hand, aligning your selection to your company mission is often helpful. On the other hand, letting employees volunteer for their preferred causes is a good way to let the community decides on the most pressing needs or most rewarding work.

Be creative
You may choose to join existing 3rd party non-profit organizations or create your own events. You do not have to be a large corporation to make a difference. Running a simple fund rising barbecue is meaningful.

Reward success and celebrate
Why not celebrate your CSR success and reward volunteers for their great work? After all, the triple bottom line concept applies!