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Recording Donations

One of the current cornerstones of corporate social responsibility is donations to causes in the community by either staff members or the organization as a whole.  Perhaps the most recognizable form of corporate social responsibility practices, donations allow the organization to promote good works and strong roots in the community, contribute positively, and build a positive working culture inside the organization.

The Carbon and More donations logger allows you to record:
- The method of donation, whether in cash or in kind;
- The beneficiary, selected from a pre-approved list;
- The donation's value.

Join in a wider fund drive
- Fundraising efforts such as the United Way or many local food banks allow an organization to form a "team" in a wider effort, competing to raise the most against other office teams.  A wider fund drive can have benefits such as instant name recognition with clients, a lower organizational cost in both money and effort, and a boost to staff morale by encouraging cooperative work.

Match employee donations to approved beneficiaries
- A matching program up to a pre-approved cap can inspire employees to donate expertise or funds to approved beneficiaries, knowing that the organization will match their amount.  This encourages a culture of corporate social responsibility, a sense of cooperation with the employer, and the likelihood of good outcomes from donations.

Select beneficiaries to foster innovation
- Corporate social responsibility doesn't require having deep pockets.  The most impactful donations can be those made to an innovative startup non-profit, where a donation of product or infusion of finances will go a very long way.

Celebrate successes
- Inform employees and clients, at the end of the year, of the impact of your donations, and let them feel the reward of having done their part to build your collective community.