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Carbon Footprint management

How Small Businesses Can Do Their Part in Combating Global Warming

Whether you believe that global warming stems from human activities on the planet or not, the trend toward higher and higher global temperatures can’t be denied. 2014 was announced as the hottest year on record by NOAA, and it’s only going to get worse. How can small businesses do their part to combat global warming?

Reducing Energy Consumption – While there are numerous factors that drive rising global temperatures, the most significant is the increase in greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. Energy production is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases. Small businesses can reduce their energy consumption, which will reduce the demand on the grid, enabling energy companies to scale back output.

Renewable Energy – Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources have become more widely available in recent years and they provide business owners with a unique way to help combat global warming. By simply installing solar panels on a business’s roof, a company could drastically reduce its draw from the grid, replacing greenhouse gas-heavy power production with clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Carbon Offsets – Carbon offsets don’t actually reduce a company’s carbon footprint, but they do help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. By purchasing carbon offsets from companies using renewable energy sources, small businesses can work toward a greener, cooler world for everyone.

Smart Shipping – As a small business, you have to source your goods and supplies from other companies. Using smarter shipping practices that rely less on fossil fuels and take steps to reduce emissions will help to decrease the impact of this vital business component on the environment.

There are plenty of ways that small businesses can do their part to help combat global warming and stem the effects of climate change.

The Carbon Footprint management features are designed to help organizations offset their carbon footprint to become Carbon neutral: Carbon footprint management is a cornerstone of environmental corporate social responsibility: a broad but easily relatable measure of what your organization's impact on its direct environment has been, is now, and will be in the future. 

Carbon and More has multiple tools to track all aspects of your carbon footprint management, including direct carbon emissions, carbon offsets, and indirect carbon emissions through hydro usage.  Together, your organization can build a 360-degree picture of your carbon footprint and set realistic emissions goals that will take you closer to the goal of becoming carbon-neutral.