Prices and times

Opening times vary from season to season. As a rule of thumb it's from Dawn to Dusk.

Current opening times 

From 26 March 2012: 7.30 am to 8pm
Please contact us prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.
Updates will appear on the Blog


The fishery has two separate price lists for bait or fly-only:
Bait Pond tickets 
 4 hrs 2 fish £13
 6 hrs 3 fish £17
 8 hrs 4 fish  £22
 Family Tickets  
 4 hrs Parent & 1 child* 4 fish £24
 4 hrs Parent & 2 children* 6 fish £33

Fly Pond tickets
 4 hrs 2 fish £14
 4 hrs 3 fish £16
 6 hrs 3 fish £18
 8 hrs 4 fish  £23
 Family Tickets  
 4 hrs Parent & 1 child* 4 fish £25
 4 hrs Parent & 2 children* 6 fish £34

Fly Pond Catch & release tickets
More info on catch and release
 2 hrs (After 5pm) catch & release £8
 4 hrs catch & release  £10
 6 hrs catch & release £13
 8 hrs catch & release  £15

Rod hire
We have a range of fishing equipment for hire at reasonable rates. Rods are set up and ready to fish.

 Rod hire
 (for ticket duration)
 Fly or Bait  £4

Fly fishing tuition
Expert tuition for fly fishing, fly tying and bait fishing is now available. Discounts for block bookings, young family, event, party or group. Two or three people may be taught at the same time. Please contact us directly for details and to arrange a time.

 Fly fishing Tuition
 (on top of ticket price)
 2 hour
 £15 per

Bait fishing tuition
This is much quicker. Just ask at the desk for help. We can have you fishing in 10 minutes, and providing we're not too busy can instruct on the finer points of the sport.