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Try one of your own?

posted 25 May 2011, 15:42 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 25 May 2011, 16:00 ]
The fair old battering that the fishery has taken over the past few days has taken it's toll on some of the beautiful trees we have around the fishery. It hasn't stopped us fishing right enough!
My son Jack and I (and a fella called Bill - sorry can't remember your second name) did very well in harsh conditions on Tuesday.
I'm also extremely proud to say that my boy Jack caught and released his very first trout caught on a fly he tied himself!

We'd tied it up the previous night in anticipation that the weather would ease up slightly.
It was a hothead damsel which I've adapted over the years to become a very successful pattern. 

You never know - one of these days I might share it. Until then it'll be called Paul's wee murny..... as in " I murny telling ye!"

Seriously though - Graeme has asked me to maybe write a monthly fly pattern piece - the kind of thing that's been doing well at the fishery etc.

I'm also happy to arrange a fly-tying day/night at the fishery if anyone is interested.

You really can't beat the feeling you get when you catch a fish on one of your own flies.

                                     Don't take my word for it   - ask my boy Jack!