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Big fish pulls in rod and monster shocker

posted 22 Jul 2011, 09:25 by carbeth fishery
Its big Paul here and its been a long while since I've been at the fishery and I've really missed it.
I've been working away quite a bit. I had a great time in Athens covering the Special Olympic games.
Anyway, popped in today for a wee session with my son Jack and had a great time.
It was bright and fairly calm so expected the fish to be sulking  in the weeds at the bottom of the pond. I put on a hothead damsel nymph to get down but as soon as I did, the sky clouded over and the wind picked up slightly.
Hey presto, the fish started to show on the surface.
Now I've been accused many times by my poor suffering wife of being lazy, but a lazy fisherman i ain't!
Off came the damsel, and on went a dabbler.
I swear, first cast and I was into a fish. And what a strong fish! I estimated it at around 3.5 lb but felt like a fish twice the size.
 It just goes to show that you have to pay attention to the conditions and what the fish are doing.
And now to the point of the headline. Wendy told me last night we had a young visiting angler from Belgium and he hooked into a fish in the bait pond but had taken his eye off the rod.
In  it went! The youngster had no idea that his rod was missing until someone spotted something akin to a Loch Ness monster sighting as this fish pulled the rod behind it creating a strange wake.
A helpful angler managed to snag the rod and the day was saved. Photies to follow.
I'm going to finish but before i do i have a moan.
Regulars will know that it's a pet hate of mine.
There are some in-considerated people who are content to leave rubbish and discarded line at their hin end.
'Someone else will pick it up' right?
Well sadly something did. A young duckling has been caught up in discarded fishing line and is in a bad way.
Either treat the place the way it's deserved, or don't bother coming. Simple.
To the rest of you, tight lines and hope to see you soon.