Phone & internet down, water low but fishing well

posted 22 Jul 2013, 14:50 by carbeth fishery

Hi another update re our contact details. 
Unfortunately we still have no phone or internet as the lines were severely damaged as a digger fixed a water mains problem.
We can't answer calls or emails, but hopefully most information can be found here on the site. Sincere apologies if you've tried to get in touch.
The main points are that we ARE OPEN 07:30 - 20:00 BST.

Talking of water - this lovely weather we've been having is great but not so much for the water levels in our ponds.
Despite being low, the fishing has been great. Fish not moving much during the heat of the day but if you search them out you'll be fine. The way I look at it, there's less water to hunt them down - so you've got no excuse!! :-)
Hope to see you soon for a relaxing and fun day out - remember we are family friendly and it's a great way for the kids to get some fresh air during the school holidays.
In the meantime - a wee bit of rain - at night obviously - would be great. Cheers.

Opening Times & phone line down

posted 21 Jul 2013, 03:47 by carbeth fishery

Our phone lines are temporarily down so we can't answer calls. 
Our opening times are 7:30am till 8pm. 

Still a few places for tonight's Halloween competition

posted 2 Nov 2012, 07:30 by carbeth fishery

Hi all,
We've an evening of spooky fishing tonight from 8pm till the witching hour of midnight! 
There's a competition with prizes, free stovies, punch (insert jokes here) and general laughs.
We've got the place decked out with lights and we'll have the burners going to keep you warm.

Best phone the fishery to make sure there are places before coming up.

Hope to see you soon

Fishery Report September 2012

posted 13 Sep 2012, 13:24 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 13 Sep 2012, 13:43 ]

Hi all,
Following some feedback, we're going to try and update the news part of the site more often and I'd also encourage you to look at our blog from time to time.

Fishing has been tricky due to conditions on occasion but really great on others!

I myself had three fish in around 45 mins when I picked a rod up for what felt (and actually was) months! It was on Sunday, which had been one of the tough days..just goes to show what can happen as the sun (yes there was a bit) started to go down.

Mr Mitchell caught his first ever fish on Monday - a fairly ordinary 2 1/4 lb rainbow, but you never forget your first fish do you?

Mr Mitchell (pictured above) caught his trout on the bait pond using a good old fashioned worms.

Yesterday (Wednesday 11 Sept) it was a cold and wet day at the fishery, but fishing was excellent!!

Andrew caught and returned 11 on the fly pond, and the bait pond fished well too with many anglers bagging up with their quota.

There was a nice 6lb fish caught on the fly pond by a local gent using a red hot head damsel. (the weapon of choice for me on Sunday night too!)

So, I guess the message is, don't let the poor weather conditions put you off. Remember the old truism, there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!  Get yourself wrapped up and get into some fish! 

Double the fish, double the pressure/pleasure!

posted 29 Jun 2012, 12:36 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 29 Jun 2012, 12:46 ]

Let's cut a long story short. We took a double load of fish this week as our supplier was taking a much needed holiday.

Thing is, this large amount of fish hasn't been doing so well in the holding tank - which surprised us with the amount of rain we've been having!!

So, for the good of the fish, we've had to put a lot more fish in the ponds. It was all hands on deck to save the fish, even my wife picked up a net!

So, fishing should be very good for the next while. 


Always nice catching your first time fish

posted 4 Jun 2012, 06:39 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 4 Jun 2012, 06:49 ]

Tuesday was a really great day at the fishery for a number of reasons. Firstly the bright weather stopped and the temperature dropped creating pretty much ideal conditions.
The only folk finding it troublesome were the fly fishermen as there wasn't a lot of wind about, so flat calm had to be dealt with.

The bait pound fished really, really well. A number of anglers catching their limit too quickly! 

We also had a number of first time anglers. A lovely family visited us and each of the kids caught their two trout, and dad did too, which always saves blushes!

Two pals visited us, Robert and Joe, and it was Joe's first time catching fish. Both of them caught two each but the biggest smile definitely went to Joe, as his bag was heavier and Robert had to buy the burgers on the way home!

Talking of burgers - we're keen to have more of our bar-b-que days during the summer holidays - keep posted for more details.

There be monsters lurking here!

posted 22 May 2012, 08:00 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 22 May 2012, 08:24 ]

John Richardson with 17lb 2oz of prime trout!
Saturday was an amazing day at the fishery. We saw the first mayfly hatch on the fly pond and then some great fishing.
John Richardson took a huge rainbow of 17lb 2oz on a mayfly. 

The poor guy was only just into his afternoon session but was shaken so much at his massive catch that he had to go home early! 

It's red colouration and slight hooked jaw gives the indication that this fish has obviously been in the pond for a long time. 

It's a great indication that the water is in good condition with lots of natural feed, and some of the fish are wylie enough to survive for a long time, so we're quite chuffed. 

Goodness only knows what other monsters lurk in our ponds.

The evening session saw John & Thomas Harlow taking 10 fish on a catch & release they tell me! 

They dropped as many as they caught with most of the fish taking on the surface. 

My son Jack Bradley also caught and released three fish in half an hour.

It really is great fun fishing to rising fish. Hope to see you soon. 
To give you an idea of scale it's lying next to a 2lb fish!

Here's to another great year of fishing

posted 14 Jan 2012, 08:52 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 4 Jun 2012, 06:55 ]

Hope you all had a good time over the festive season and look forward to welcoming soon.

Big fish pulls in rod and monster shocker

posted 22 Jul 2011, 09:25 by carbeth fishery

Its big Paul here and its been a long while since I've been at the fishery and I've really missed it.
I've been working away quite a bit. I had a great time in Athens covering the Special Olympic games.
Anyway, popped in today for a wee session with my son Jack and had a great time.
It was bright and fairly calm so expected the fish to be sulking  in the weeds at the bottom of the pond. I put on a hothead damsel nymph to get down but as soon as I did, the sky clouded over and the wind picked up slightly.
Hey presto, the fish started to show on the surface.
Now I've been accused many times by my poor suffering wife of being lazy, but a lazy fisherman i ain't!
Off came the damsel, and on went a dabbler.
I swear, first cast and I was into a fish. And what a strong fish! I estimated it at around 3.5 lb but felt like a fish twice the size.
 It just goes to show that you have to pay attention to the conditions and what the fish are doing.
And now to the point of the headline. Wendy told me last night we had a young visiting angler from Belgium and he hooked into a fish in the bait pond but had taken his eye off the rod.
In  it went! The youngster had no idea that his rod was missing until someone spotted something akin to a Loch Ness monster sighting as this fish pulled the rod behind it creating a strange wake.
A helpful angler managed to snag the rod and the day was saved. Photies to follow.
I'm going to finish but before i do i have a moan.
Regulars will know that it's a pet hate of mine.
There are some in-considerated people who are content to leave rubbish and discarded line at their hin end.
'Someone else will pick it up' right?
Well sadly something did. A young duckling has been caught up in discarded fishing line and is in a bad way.
Either treat the place the way it's deserved, or don't bother coming. Simple.
To the rest of you, tight lines and hope to see you soon.

3lb's of hard luck

posted 3 Jun 2011, 09:41 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 3 Jun 2011, 09:57 ]

Ian and Mark cycled all the way from Dumbarton for a spot of angling.Their 3 lb rainbow had to stay put though - girl friend's allergic to fish. Hard luck guys!

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