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Big Fish
  • A really big fish! John Richardson caught this 17lb 2oz cracker on a mayfly on pretty much the first hatch of the year. 
    Posted 22 May 2012, 08:17 by carbeth fishery
  • Joes first fish is a monster Joes first ever fish, a beautiful 10lb trout caught in bait pond 1. "My wife said 'Mind you don't bring any fish home'...This is going home with me!" 'Thank you for the pics and especially the video recordings your son took it was much more than we expected - Joe is simply over the moon he re-lived it all again while watching the videos he was so excited' Margaret (Joes wife).
    Posted 15 Nov 2010, 13:41 by carbeth fishery
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Anglers & their Catch
  • New Year's Bag Alan Wilkie braving the cold, sitting with his three rainbows caught on a yellow and white power bait. Pond one, January 22nd 2011.
    Posted 4 Jun 2011, 03:56 by carbeth fishery
  • Aiden weighs first catch Hanging from the scales is a lovely 1 3/4 lb rainbow.
    Posted 5 Nov 2010, 05:14 by carbeth fishery
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  • Kyles first fish! Kyle Hendry jubilantly shows his first ever fish, a massive 13lb Rainbow caught on Orange Powerbait.Standing by his side are his proud father and grandfather.
    Posted 14 Oct 2010, 10:19 by carbeth fishery
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