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posted 16 Oct 2010, 05:28 by carbeth fishery   [ updated 7 Nov 2010, 14:52 ]


Simple Polyball Rig

There are many ways to set up a ledger rig for pond fishing; a favourite technique amongst fishery locals has the bait suspended a small distance from the bottom, right in front of the fish. It's easy to set up and very productive.

You need:
  • a bomb or a drilled weight
  • a single split-shot or plastic bead
  • a polythene ball (polyball)
  • a hook
  • bait: Powerbait; grubs, maggots or worms

Set-up procedure:

  1. Set up your rod and line, then slip the bomb onto the line.
  2. Fasten the hook to the line and pinch a single splitshot hook-side between 3" to a foot (15cm to 30cm) from the hook.
  3. Choose a shot that's just large enough to prevent the ledger from travelling down to the hook.
  4. Now hook the polyball and push it up over the eye (twisting it can prevent it splitting).
  5. Bait choice for me is a lump of powerbait around the polyball and a couple (in case one comes free) of wiggling grubs.
  6. Make sure it's all presented well with no loose line or hook poking out. Beautiful!
  7. Finally check the bait on every cast and re-position the polyball if it works its way down the hook.

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