Trout Fishing

We pride ourselves on providing excellent fly and bait trout fishing in Scotland. Our ponds are kept well stocked with a broad range of well sized quality trout.
Three Ponds
Our three trout ponds have been developed to provide great fishing for experienced anglers, beginners, families and children.

Pond One - Family friendly
Opened in 1997 our first pond provides approximately 2 acres for bait fishing. It is predominantly a family pond allowing parents to keep an eye on their children whilst enjoying a relaxing day’s fishing. Is stocked on a daily basis with rainbow trout from 2 – 20 lb. There's disabled access to the pond.

Pond Two - Fly only
This is the the biggest trout pond at over 3 acres; it is fly fishing only. Stocked on a daily basis with trout from 2 – 20 lb. This pond also has disabled access.

Pond Three - Events/bait and fly pond

In an elevated position pond three provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is stocked with select trout for events, parties and visiting clubs.
When not booked out for a club event, anglers are welcome to bait or fly fish on this pond. Ideal for fly fishers who have friends or children who like to bait fish,

Rules & Regulations
Whilst every effort is made to accommodate your wishes we ask you to abide by our Regulations.

Fish Stock
We stock trophy fish bred for size and flesh quality. Our triploid fish, being sterile, are ecologically safe, not being able to breed with native species. We can maintain a consistent supply of large sized fish around *2lb to 20lb. These fish are fighters and don't give up without a decent struggle.The three types of fish regularly stocked are:

  • Rainbow trout
  • Blue trout
  • Brown trout (when in season)

There is also a natural stock of brown trout within the ponds which we ask to be returned unharmed. We've also noticed a number of fish which have evaded capture for some time and these can look extraordinary with vivid colourations from deep scarlet bellies to electric blue markings. They're a magnetic attraction for fellow anglers, and quite rightly so.

Size Fluctuations
*Size of fish varies depending on a range of factors such as stock availability and time of year. Our reputation of stocking large quality fish is very important to us and we endeavour to maintain this.

Over-wintered fish may appear slimmer with a more pronounced  'athletic' physique, their attitude is mean and their appetite ravenous. Some Carbeth Fishery staff have tried to adopt this diet but with little success.

Please note that 2011/12 fish may be slightly under 2lb due to extreme weather conditions in 2009/10 (yep, the fish are about 2 years old).