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Cara started taking classical piano lessons at age 7. Acknowledging that music is simply a part of her life, she considers it natural to take up playing the piano and writing music. In between practicing, she listens to different music genres and learns by ear to write contemporary music.

She used music technology to help her compose at the early age of 11.  She learned to use  synthesized sounds and the Sibelius notation program to bring something fresh to her compositions. Her teachers and peers, recognizing her as a gifted pianist with a talent for hearing, urged her to take up music as a career. Cara further improved her composition by applying some of the skills that she had learned in music technology to produce her scores.

The soundtracks in movies and video games also fascinate Cara. Inspired by how music can heighten the pleasure of a movie or a video game, she decided to pursue her music studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. In addition she received her Master of Music degree in piano performance with the highest honors.

After graduation, she moved to New York City where, in the course of her work in jingle houses, she created jingles for clients of world renown such as Estee Lauder, Ponds, and Kaiser. In the meantime, she spent her evening and weekends studying music on her own. As she expanded her connections into the film and video game industries, she took on the task of composing additional music for one of the top ten video games of 2006, "Prey". 

Cara combines classical training and an innate feel for contemporary sounds to create a genre that is as sensual as it is soothing. With the aid of well-equipped studio hardware, software, and sound libraries, she can bring to life to her compositions within a short time.

She launched another updated website at where you can watch her and listen to her music.