Realm of the Sea of Sand

The Sea of Sand bakes the bones of those who do not know its ways. Home to wanderers who love the burning flame of its days, and steer by the night sky full of stars. Place of power, wealth, delight and despair. 

Powers: Land of the Dancers, elusive and powerful spirits of the wind and sand.
Rulers: An ancient family, descended from the gods. 
Oases, jewels of life and activity, hidden in the dunes.
The Tombs of the Everlasting Queen.
Market Towns in the Dusty Hills.
The Dharani, nomads and artists.
The Runners, fearsome warriors.
The Set Akhi, traders and wanderers, from a foreign land.

Other Realms: 
The Mountain Cities
The Diamond Wastes
The Valley of Mists

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