Moreton Bay

Updated - 24 October 2016

Would you like to know more about our Caravan Club?

Meeting people;  Going to nice places together;  Joining in the friendship;
Having fun;  and  Getting greater enjoyment from your caravanning.


The Moreton Bay Caravan Club Inc (MBCC) commenced as a club on 6th February 1999 and we are affiliated with the Combined Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCCQ).  We say we were born from the frustration of the never ending wait to become a member of an existing club and the ever increasing number of people wanting to get greater enjoyment from their caravans.  The Sunshine Club Inc assisted us throughout our early establishment with a great deal of information, advice and companionship.  We gratefully acknowledge their help.  Our Club subsequently assisted the Southern Cross Club to form to cater for the increased interest in joining clubs.

We have a very good mix of very experienced caravanners’ to new members, who are only too willing to show and talk to you about any aspect of caravanning and their experiences.  We have a fully organised and willing club committee taking on the work of making our caravanning rallies most enjoyable.  Our rally coordinator works hard at organising a variety of exciting venues, with members’ consensus, for us to visit within about 300 km driving from Brisbane on the last full weekend of each month.

It is a relatively small club with a maximum of 25 caravans on the membership roll; visitors are very welcome to come along to our monthly rallies


We get the gratification from being able to use our caravan more often, as well as meeting and enjoying the friendship of our fellow members who also love to roam the ‘GREAT OUTDOORS’.  Our programme of monthly rally venues includes stays at Show-grounds, Scout Camps, National Parks, Schools, the odd Caravan Park and other places of interest around the “Great South East Corner” of Qld and Northern NSW.

Once or twice a year we venture on an extended rally (8 - 10 days or more) to other places of interest beyond the 200 km radius, for those who are interested and able.

It is all about obtaining the maximum of pleasure from each rally, including much laughter, fellowship, (incl. happy hour) common sense and a minimum of organisation.
Small dogs are allowed at the discretion of the Management Committee and must comply with Venue/Park Rules and Regulations.

Camping in the sunshine and camping by the bay;
A group of us together enjoying every day;
It’s a wonderful world we live in and a beautiful spot to stay;
Come join us in our travelling and hearty rallies to go;
Forget about your troubles and find friendship instead of woe.


For further information about our club, or to arrange to attend a rally as a visitor, please contact our Secretary.