Updated - 26 November  2015


Five caravanning families formed the Kookaburra Caravan Club in 1974. Three of the original members are still very active in the Club.

The Club was formed with the view to using the family caravan on a regular basis and not having it sitting in the yard for twelve months between annual holidays.  The Club caters for families and family values play a significant role in club activities.

Although the Club originated in Ipswich it has active members throughout southeast Queensland.  Membership is restricted to a caravan that can be towed and designed primarily to provide sleeping and eating accommodation.  Mobile accommodation, other than a caravan, may be approved by the management committee.

The Club goes on monthly outings (called rallies) to differing points of the compass in South-East Queensland, with members arriving at the rally site at a time convenient to them.  The sites vary from caravan parks, national parks, school grounds, showgrounds, private farms or recreation reserves.  The sites are only limited by the imagination and the capacity to accommodate an average of 30 plus vans per rally.  Weekend activities at rallies are many and varied and often take advantage of the attributes of the surrounding area.

Membership of the Kookaburra Caravan Club is capped at 50 caravans, with a majority of the members being in the 50+ age group. 

  • ALCOHOL - is not allowed in the marquee/hall/meeting place. (Members may have drinks in the vicinity of their caravan.) 
  • SMOKING - is not allowed in the marquee/hall/meeting place.  Smoking is discouraged at rallies for the health and comfort of all members. 
  • PETS - are not allowed at any rally.

A great camaraderie exists in the Club.  New members may acquire a vast amount of knowledge in a short space of time on the dos and don’ts of caravanning.  The development of new caravanning products never ceases to amaze.

The Kookaburra Caravan Club members participate in State and National Rallies.  State rallies are held each year and National rallies are held every three years.

If you own a caravan and are interested in joining a caravan club then contact the Secretary for further information.