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Updated - 13 November 2013

The Combined Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCCQ) is an umbrella association, formed to provide a united voice for affiliated caravan clubs in Queensland, appealing to the higher powers of Local, State and Federal Governments, and businesses for the betterment of the caravanning fraternity.

As well as providing a common bonding link between all Queensland caravan clubs, the CCCQ facilitates the annual State Rallies as well as the National Rallies when held in Queensland.

The State Bulletin, a bi-monthly newsletter, is distributed to all affiliated clubs and is available on-line.

 What is a caravan club?


On 19 November 1959 the Cooktown Orchid, under the botanical name of Dendrobium bigibbum var phalaenopsis, was proclaimed as the floral emblem of Queensland (Act).  It conformed with the Government's criteria in being an easily cultivated native species confined to Queensland, decorative and distinctive in appearance, and coloured close to the State colour, maroon.

The correct botanical name for the Cooktown Orchid has, however, been the subject of continuing speculation and debate.

Plants of Dendrobium bigibbum were first collected by a Dr Thomson on Mount Adolphus, a small island about 18 km north-east of Cape York.  These plants were sent to a nursery in London, and in 1852 the species was described and named by the British botanist, John Lindley (1799-1865).  It does not occur near Cooktown.

Dendrobium phalaenopsis was described by Robert FitzGerald, Surveyor General of New South Wales in 1880.  In his description he included the words "It was obtained near Cooktown, Queensland".  In December of the same year he published a beautiful colour plate of Dendrobium phalaenopsis in Australian Orchids with the words "obtained in northern Queensland", which clearly illustrates the plant people now know as the Cooktown Orchid.



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