Welcome to the pages of the CARATE-project – short for
 “Plant physiology as palaeoenvironmental proxy: Amalgamation of mid and late Holocene tree-ring evidence from CARbon isotopes and growth RATEs

CARATE is a 4-year research initiative between the Laboratory of Chronology at the Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS, and the Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA* started in late 2012, funded by the Academy of Finland. The projects’ main goal is to produce
new climatic and plant physiological records at high temporal resolution by the synthesis of annually/decadally resolved tree-ring archives of growth-rates, and cellulose δ13C values from high-latitude continental Europe.

These pages present the objectives, rationale and progress of the project, the people involved, and  most importantly, serve as a means to provide easy access to the accumulating results and data produced by the project for all interested parties.

*As of Jan 1 2015, the Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA) became part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), where the CARATE project continued to run.