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Our People

DAVID BAORTO, MD, PhD, is an expert in knowledge discovery and medical informatics -- and enjoys applying this technology (including data analysis, neural networks and artificial intelligence) to financial and medical data. 

As one of CARAT's chief researchers, Dave works on intensive research projects and internet-related projects.  Dr. Baorto has also been a Fellow, Knowledge Engineer, and Consultant at the Columbia University Department of Medical Informatics.  

Dave earned a double SB in Life Sciences and Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MD, PhD from Columbia University.  He was also an instructor and performed medical informatics research at Washington University in St. Louis.  


GEORGE PARR founded ADAMAH Capital LLC with Carlton to implement CARAT's research and gain access to alternative investments & managed futures.  Their goal is to help investors achieve diversification for traditional portfolios of stocks and bonds. 

George and Carlton have known each other for most of their careers in managed futures. Please visit ADAMAH Capital's website for more information on George Parr's biography.  

You may need to login to Adamah's website if you are not already a registered user. Please contact us to register.  info (at) ADAMAHcapital.com. 


CARLTON J. CHIN, CFA, is the founder of CARAT and ADAMAH Capital.  CARAT (Computer Aided Research & Advanced Technology) specializes in quantitative and alternative investment strategies &  research. Adamah handles all money management activities. An MIT-trained quant, Carlton enjoys applying math and probability to everything from the financial markets to sports analytics.

Carlton is particularly interested in asset allocation, and alternative investment strategies -- where he believes investment managers can add the most value. CARAT’s goal is to apply ongoing research and analytical tools to profit from the financial markets. Carlton is responsible for investment research and portfolio management; he is a specialist in risk management and trading systems.

Carlton earned both his SB and SM from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, completing the requirements for his masters at age 21. His degrees are in engineering, with minors in business and economics; his studies and interests have always centered around numerical simulation and modeling. Carlton has won local tennis tournaments as well as backgammon tournaments -- and is a co-founder of the Play It For Good Non-Profit.