Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction

Asset Allocation

It is well-known that the asset mix is the main driver of performance.  Traditional models of portfolio construction have given way to advances in the investment industry yielding:

  • more appropriate measures of risk
  • improved assumptions for risk, return, and correlations,
  • more robust models.  
CARAT can help your organization with modern best practices within the finance industry.  

Stocks, Bonds & Alternatives

Stock and bond returns have little to do with returns of Alternative Assets.  Indeed, there are certain events which are profitable for futures investors -- but lead to losses in the stock and bond markets. Note that the energy crisis in 1973-1974 caused stocks to decline by almost 50% -- but resulted in good profits for certain alternatives.

More recently, the financial meltdown in 2008-2009 -- also saw certain asset classes perform well.

An investment in alternatives can help to smooth the growth of a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Sectors & Timeframe

While a prudent investment policy makes sense for institutional investors, a study of sectors and timeframe can yield interesting diversification potential.  

More specifically, dynamic option replication approaches may be useful for certain types of investors.  
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