CARAT Companies consist of several distinct but interrelated business segments:
  • Investment Consulting, Risk Management, Asset Allocation, Alternative Assets
  • Technology Applications
  • Corporate and Business Analytics / Consulting 
  • Sports Analytics, Quantitative Decision Making
CARAT Capital provides Human Capital and Technology Applications for your investment, sports analytics, and business needs.  CARAT is an acronym for Computer Aided Research & Advanced Technology -- advancing data-driven approaches to inform decisions. Please contact us for more information.  

A portion of our revenues goes to non-profits such as "Play It For Good" & other good causes. 

Investment Services  • Data-Driven Analysis 

CARAT specializes in Computer Aided Research & Advanced Technology.  CARAT is an anaytical research consultant & think-tank.  

CARAT Investment focuses on:
  • Portfolio Optimization & Asset Class correlations
  • Asset allocation (Post-Modern Portfolio Theory, option replication strategies)
  • Risk Management (true downside risk measures are important with today's financially engineered products)
  • Alternative investment strategies
In particular, our research and results have shown that excess returns can be earned by applying data-driven models to the equities, fixed income, and alternative asset sectors.

Sports Analytics

 •  Corporate Analytics 

CARAT Sports & CARAT Research was conceptualized as the sports analytics and analytical research "arm" of CARAT. Clients outsource sports analytics, quant & analytical research, business planning and other business-related tasks to our firm. We analyze results to help organizations improve. 

We enjoy working on interesting projects that apply quantitative analytics to optimize value, given restrictive parameters.  

Knowledge discovery research projects have included "number crunching" in fields as diverse as the financial markets and sports analytics. 
Our research and analysis has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.