The manifesto of the Caram'mar

The Caram'mar is an order of women who live after the same sexual principles of openess and freedom.

To enroll as a Caram the following steps are taken

  1. First, become a Caram'ler, a novice, who is collecting experiences regarding the Caram'mar. She tries to follow the principles but not yet fullfill every principle.
  2. After a Caram'ler has followed the principles for a year, she becomes a Caram'hed, a full Caram.
  3. When a Caram'hed is no longer able or willing to follow the principles she becomes a Caram'ver, a honary Caram. She and her decision will be respected.

To be part of the order register yourself with an informal mail to which contains your current Caram status and some information about yourself (in free text). You will receive further information.

The Caram'mar is ruled by a advisory board. It was established in 2006 by the founders of the Caram'mar. The board consists of 6 Caram'hed and 5 Caram'ver.

The principles of the Caram‘mar

  1. Never force anybody to be a Caram.
  2. Never lie about the Caram’mar.
  3. Never lie about being a Caram.
  4. A Caram is bisexual.
  5. A Caram is sexually active.
  6. A Caram encourages her loved person to have sex with her.
  7. It is an honor to a Caram to assist with her sex.
  8. It is an honor to a Caram to expose her body.
  9. It is an honor to a Caram to make the first step.
  10. A Caram has to perform vaginal sex.
  11. A Caram has to perform oral sex.
  12. A Caram has to perform anal sex.
  13. It is good sexual practice to do oral and twice time sex afterwards.
  14. It is good sexual practice to a Caram to give her partner more orgasm then she receives.
  15. It is good sexual practice to a Caram to clean her partner’s gender after sex.
  16. Swallows his cum.
  17. Swallows her partner's spit.
  18. Swallows her pride.
  19. Never goes home alone.
  20. Never shares a bed without having sex.
  21. Never declines sex to somebody who she truly considers as a friend.
  22. A Caram has to have twelve different male partners every year.
  23. A Caram has to write a diary about every sexual partner she encounters.
  24. A Caram has to be naked below her skirt on the second weekend in August from Friday morning till Monday morning.