Car9 chassis in SketchUp

Home build your own sports car!

Car9 is inspired by sports and race cars of the 60's and 70's, like the Lotus Super Seven. These cars were simple enough in construction to be suitable for the homebuilder. The wonderful upside to this simplicity was an unmatched driving experience where the driver truly feels the car as an extension of themselves.

This car is based on a strong and lightweight steel tube frame with an integral roll cage. A variety of modern economical production parts can be used to complete your project. There are currently Ford, Mazda and Subaru components in the model libraries to choose from.

Drivetrains vary from small 4 cylinder engines up to small block V8's.

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"Lalo" (Lola Mk I style) and also Super Seven style bodywork available from Kinetic Vehicles for Car9.

The Lalo body work has been aerodynamically tested and shown to half the drag of a typical Super Seven style body.

Here's a picture of one of the first frames being put together.

Car9 frame and roll cage 2