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N.E.R "Nor'easter" Newsletter now available.

posted May 7, 2014, 1:10 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

The latest newsletter from Northeast Region Headquarters is now available. You'll find stories,articles, and more that have been written by the members and departments of the Headquarters staff.  NER HQ invites you to read it and share it with peers.  The "Nor’easter" is planned to be a quarterly newsletter to let you know of the highlights over that past quarter as well as the upcoming activities sponsored by NER Headquarters.


Click Here to view newsletter.

Westover ARB will be host site for SAREX on 10 MAY

posted Apr 28, 2014, 7:25 AM by Westover Civil Air Patrol


     Westover ARB will be hosting a wing-wide search and rescue exercise on 10 MAY 14. The following positions are needed to ensure the success of the exercise:
  • Aircrews (MP, MO, MS and AP).
  • Ground Teams (off-road searches are planned)
  • Coordination between Aircrews and Ground Teams
  • MROs
  • Incident Command Staff skills including but not limited to IC, OSC, AOBD, GBD, MSO, CUL, PSC, LSC, FASC, LO & MSA (depending on participation and the needs of participants).
  • Members holding either Qualified or Supervised Trainee status or Evaluator status in any Emergency Services specialty are encouraged to participate.

If any cadets or senior members are interested in attending, please sign up via this link: If you have any questions or would like to begin training for emergency services but do not know how to begin, please see Lt Col Lester Dutka, Capt Jamie O'Connell, or Capt. Brian Freeman. This will be an excellent time for MASAR or MAS students to put their skills to the test in an operational scenario!

Civil Air Patrol to assist at 2014 Boston Marathon

posted Apr 2, 2014, 7:17 AM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol will be assisting the Hopkinton Police Department at the 2014 Boston Marathon on Monday, 21 APR 214. Our tasking is to assist the Hopkinton Police Department at Athlete's Village in Hopkinton, MA with roaming patrols. Cadets (18+ only) and senior members are invited to speak with their chain of command for information and to sign up. CAP will be reporting to Hopkinton at 0600L. Departure time from Westover is TBD.

UOD will be BDUs and all personnel will need to have an ANSI 207-2006 High-Visibility vest. There is a high likelihood that you can be provided with a vest, but please bring one with you if happen to one one. Be sure to also bring your hydration as it will be a long day

4th Annual Toy Drive to be held on 12/22!

posted Dec 4, 2013, 5:31 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol   [ updated Dec 16, 2013, 2:54 PM ]

Our 4th annual toy drive to benefit Ronald McDonald House in Springfield has been postponed to Sunday December 22nd! 

I've been watching this weather situation very closely and have been in contact with the other members responsible for the operation and planning of this toy drive. As the project leader for this event I feel that the weather will not accommodate us this Sunday 12/15. Please see the message below for full details on our toy drive, which again is now being held on 12/22:

Command Staff is looking for "all-hands" at our 4th Annual Toy Drive "Operation Overload" to benefit Ronald McDonald House in Springfield. This year's toy drive will be held on Sunday, December 22nd between the hours of 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The location will be our normal staging area outside Kmart in the Springfield Plaza: 1277 Liberty St, Springfield, MA 01104. The uniform of the day will be BDU's, or Corporate alternative, please dress for whatever weather may be present that day! Westover's Command Staff will be looking for MAXIMUM attendance to this very important event! All cadet personnel will need to meet, and get picked-up at Kmart since the Squadron van will have the seats removed to accommodate the toys collected during the course of the day. Please mark your calendar's and make every effort to attend. Cadets may contact your DCC or SLO for more details and/or to address any questions you may have.

Senior Members: Please stop by and donate any toy & support the cadet and senior members who will be working this event! If you would like to donate your time as well, please feel free to contact me. This event is a Squadron event, so every member's attendance is what we're striving for! 

Drivers beware: Chat on your cell phones on Westover ARB and face losing your license!

posted Oct 7, 2013, 12:33 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

Original Article from

CHICOPEE - Cell phone scofflaws caught behind the wheel can expect to be hoofing it for 30 days at Westover Air Reserve Base.

A new policy forbids cell phone use while driving on the air base property. The policy went into effect on Aug. 12, seven years after a U.S. Department of Defense mandate was issued nationally prohibiting cell phone use on military bases, but providing individual sites discretion as to when each followed suit, according to a Westover spokesman.

The policy applies to civilians, as well as those who work on the base, said Sgt. Andrew Biscoe, a public affairs spokesman. All drivers on base property are subject to the penalty, and signs are posted at each entrance alerting drivers to the policy and the potential ramifications, he said. Drivers are allowed to use hands-free devices.

"Base officials are always concerned about traffic safety on base - and at the gates of Westover, where traffic departs and arrives each day," Biscoe said in a statement.

Westover is also cracking down on speeders leaving the base, in response to complaints from neighbors, Biscoe said.

Before the 30-day loss of license penalty went into effect in August, Biscoe said patrols stopped 36 people for violations over the previous nine months. Two drivers have lost their driving privileges for a month since the penalty was made official.

The base originally cautioned via Twitter and its Facebook page that drivers cited for violating the policy would have their licenses suspended for a month. Biscoe said the error has been corrected on Facebook and the correct policy will be published in the on-base newspaper in October.

Those who receive tickets for driving while cell-chatting have a 10-day window to request a hearing with the mission support group commander. A certified letter also will be sent to offenders, outlining the span of the loss of on-base driving privileges. If no request is made, Biscoe said, the suspension will start on the day cited in the letter. 

Oct. 1st update on James St. Gate

posted Oct 1, 2013, 8:17 AM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

Due to the Government Furlough/Shutdown starting on 2 Oct, the James Street Gate will be closed. 

Once the government shutdown is resolved, James Street will be reopened.

Westover Gate will still operate as normal on a 24 hour basis, so please plan accordingly.

Westover Officer Promotions make local newspapers

posted Aug 28, 2013, 2:45 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

Recent newspaper coverage of Westover CAP Officer promotions, please see links below:

    Capt Jerry Rodgers "Civil Air Patrol Volunteer Receives Promotion"
    see: page 7

    Capt Jamie O'Connell "Granby Volunteer in Civil Air Patrol Promoted"
    see: page 14

After Action Message from Great New England Wheels and Wings

posted Aug 28, 2013, 1:39 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

I just wanted to recognize and thank all the squadron personnel that volunteered this past weekend at the Great New England Wheels and Wings show, hosted by the Galaxy Community Council. During this event's first year CAP members were critical in providing Parking Services, Traffic Control, and Public Relations/ Recruiting. Many times during the weekend I was approached by event organizers that were amazed on how we executed the tacks we were given with ease. All of you involved should be proud of that recognition! CAP personnel showed flexibility as our roles changed throughout the weekend. Our squadron, once again, showed the public what we can do and how we can do it. Due to our professionalism this weekend we should expect future taskings from the Galaxy Community Council. Thank you to all personnel who helped in any way, from planning to execution, for the 2013 Great New England Wheels and Wings show.

Best Regards,

Project Leader
2013 Great New England Wheels and Wings

Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) at Westover

posted May 20, 2013, 12:49 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

SUNDAY JUNE 9, 2013, 0700-1900
Rain date Saturday, June 8th, 0700-1900

This exercise will focus on training, proficiency and evaluation of search & rescue skills (SAR), including: visual search, electronic search, aerial photography, air-ground coordination, and mission base staff.

  • If you are a trainee this is a great opportunity for training or evaluation.
  • If your qualification has expired you can work on renewal. 
  • If you just need to refresh your skills. This is the time to do it.
Multiple aircraft and ground resources (UDF & GTs) will be utilized as well as a staffed mission base.  It is planned to cover multiple operational periods. The primary exercise day will be Sunday, June 9th with a rain date of June 8th.

If you sign up, for a duty position, you will be asked what times you will be available.

Please notify the POC at least a week in advance if you request evaluation of specified skills, we will try to have an evaluator available.


We encourage trainees in all ES-related fields to attend.

MISSION BASE:  Westover Composite Squadron, Hangar 5, Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, MA

We need at least one, preferably two ground teams.  At least two UDF teams are needed.  Again, an IC and a MSO are needed for each operational period.  



POINT OF CONTACT:  1st Lt Jamie O’Connell -  james.o’

Squadron Gets TV News Coverage of Cadet Orientation Flights

posted May 20, 2013, 12:37 PM by Westover Civil Air Patrol

"Cadets Take Part in Aerospace Education Program"

It was a great day for flying on 18 May especially for three of our new cadets from one family (brother & two sisters) who had a chance to fly with Lt Col Tim Nelson as the orientation pilot. WWLP 22News was on hand for a small public interest story on these cadets. 

Both the story and video can be found at this link. 

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