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Thanks for looking into the United States Air Force Auxiliary -
Civil Air Patrol. Westover is always taking new recruits, and everyone is welcome. The Civil Air Patrol is a great way to give back to the community and serve our country. 

Persons aged 12-18 can join as Cadet Members, and persons over 18 can serve as Officer Members, known as Senior Members. You do not need to be a pilot, and no flight experience is necessary. There are many positions in which you may serve, including: finance, administration, public affairs, chaplain, aerospace education, cadet programs, professional development, safety, logistics, and operations. There are also flight positions for which you may train. 

Not everything in CAP is aviation and flying! We conduct ground activities such as community service, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and Homeland Security missions. As the United States Air Force Auxiliary, your training in Civil Air Patrol will be the best there is. The Civil Air Patrol offers you many ways to serve, so are you ready to join? If so, then you're welcome to stop by Westover Composite Squadron Headquarters, on Tuesday evenings 6-9 PM. Remember there is no obligation to join, just come by and see what we’re all about!

As the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, we do meet on-base at Westover ARB. Individuals without a CAP or military ID will not be able to come on base without being escorted by our vans. Please click the link below for details on where to find our escort van on Tuesday evenings.

***Details for entry onto Westover Air Reserve Base***

Westover Composite Squadron Contact Information

Weekly Meetings:
Tuesdays 1800-2100 hrs. (6-9 PM).

  Recruiting & General Info:

For more information about the USAF Auxiliary- Civil Air Patrol, visit the National Website.

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