Westover Composite Squadron Honor Guard

The Westover Composite Squadron Cadet Honor Guard is a highly trained, professional group of young men and women who uphold the highest standards within the Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force.
Are you in need of Honor Guard Support?

We are available for:
  • Military Retirements
  • Military Funerals
  • Sporting & Civic Events
  • Veteran Memorial Ceremonies
  • Parades
If you have an event that needs support please contact our Team by telephone, email, or our Facebook page.

Telephone: (413) 206-9414

Honor Guard Support Request Form



I am a proud member of a Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard.

My Standards of Conduct and high level of professionalism show the respect for and

dedication to my craft and those with whom I serve.

I have earned the right to wear the Ceremonial Uniform, which is steeped in rich

tradition and history.

I am superbly conditioned to perfect all movements in every drill or ceremony.

Neither the type of ceremony, severity of temperature, nor size of the audience will

ever dictate the level of quality of my performance.

I am constantly driven to excel by a strong sense of dedication, patriotism, love for

my fellow man, God, Country, and Civil Air Patrol.

While performing, I stand sharp and crisp; motionless by choice, for I have

voluntarily chosen to represent every member, past and present, of the United States

Air Force Auxiliary – Civil Air Patrol.

I am a Ceremonial Guardsman.