Cadet Protection Policy

As a civic organization that involves our community's youth, the protection of your children is of utmost importance to Civil Air Patrol and the Westover Composite Squadron. This page will inform you of the various protections that are in place to ensure that your children are protected and cared for when they are with the squadron.
  1. Background check and fingerprinting: Before being accepted into Civil Air Patrol, all senior members (adults in charge) are required to undergo fingerprinting and a federal background check with the FBI. A member who is waiting for the results of a background check will not be allowed to interact with cadets unless they are accompanied by another senior member who has successfully passed their own background check. No adult who has failed their federal background check is allowed to remain a member.
  2. Web-based calendar detailing official CAP events: all authorized Civil Air Patrol events which Westover Composite Squadron will be attending will be marked as such on our calendar, located on the left sidebar under "Calendar and Events." Events that are planned but have not yet received final approval will be marked as 'tentative.' This will allow you to confirm that any given event is an official activity with Westover Compositw Squadron.
  3. Two-deep leadership: During activities and meeting nights, no senior member will be alone and isolated with a cadet. All activities will be conducted using the "two-deep leadership rule", meaning that there will be at least two senior members supervising all activities. The only exception to this rule is during flying, ground transport, and actual missions (not training missions, or SAREXs); even in this case, care will be taken to ensure that there will always be a third party present.
  4. Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT): As part of their Level 1 training (necessary to become a full member of CAP, all senior members are required to undergo CPPT which instructs our senior members about CAP Cadet Protection Policies and ensures they have the leadership and knowledge necessary to keep CAP a safe place for America's youth. Senior members are not allowed to participate in most aspects of the program until they have completed both the theory test and the practical (discussion-based) portions of CPPT.
  5. Reporting: any violations of the Cadet Protection Program shall immediately be reported to the commander or higher, who will address the concern. If a violation has occurred the member is in risk of suspension or removal from Civil Air Patrol. If any law is broken, law enforcement will be called.

These are the main tenets which are embodied in every activity at the Westover Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol. If you are interested in reading the regulatory requirements for the Cadet Protection Program, please view the entire regulation here:

We know that parents entrust their children to our care every Tuesday night and during outside activities. Civil Air Patrol, created to shape the leaders of tomorrow, takes this trust very seriously. Please direct any questions you may have to our general purpose email address listed under 'Contact Us' on the sidebar to the left.