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The Wicomico Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol is based at the Salisbury-Ocean City-Wicomico Regional Airport.  It is a composite squadron with both Senior Members and Cadets. Cadets are from ages 12 to 18. 

The missions of the Wicomico Composite Squadron include conducting Aerospace Education, Emergency Services, Disaster Relief and Homeland Security assignments, primarily in Maryland.  We also serve our local community with a robust cadet program.  This program provides a structured environment to introduce youths to leadership skills in a disciplined military setting focused on achievements.

Our operational capabilities include mission ready aircrews and ground teams who conduct search and rescue tasks using Civil Air Patrol and U.S. Air Force resources.  Also we participate in other authorized activities falling within our charter, training and experience.

If you would like more information about the Wicomico Composite Squadron or the Civil Air Patrol's national program, please explore other pages on this website, send the Webmaster an email at CAPWCS@gmail.com, or visit the National Civil Air Patrol Website at www.gocivilairpatrol.com

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