The Cinematographer and Editor

Daniel A.

My name is Daniel Afeaki, and this is my third year in film. In many films, I usually partake in the cinematographer role and usually handle the editing. I like being the cinematographer because I can really take control of the beauty and uniqueness of a shot. As for the editor, I like to edit out parts of my shots that really seem unnecessary and that allows me to learn from my mistakes. On our current film, I'm really excited to see the outcome of it and prove to my fellow film students that me and my team can make good films.
Saturday October 29, 2011
Day 1 - Shooting was pretty unsuccessful. According to the time of the train, it was suppose to leave at 3:00. We got to the train station to shoot the train scene at about 2:40. Just as we were setting up, the train arrived at 2:45, earlier than expected. We were rushed to get our equipment ready and get our first shot, but it was really bad. We had the mic on our shot, the audio was bad, and my voice was heard telling the actor what to do. When we were on the train, we thought that it would take at least 15 minutes to get to our next destination, but we were wrong. It took us 2 minutes to set up the equipment, and just when we were ready to shoot, we arrived at our destination and had to get off. To top that off, we were harassed by this drunk man while we tried to pack up. Overall, we had to discard all the shots and was just a complete waist of time.

Monday October 31, 2011
Day 2 - Today, shooting was a big success. Due to our main changes to our script, we had major difficulties trying to figure what to do. As the cinematographer, I had to think of what to do asap. When we arrived at Justin's house, the idea came to me. We acted fast on it and shot everything that popped into my head. All the shots came out very good, with exceptional acting. Justin, who became our new actor, played his role very well and for once was serious. One problem we had was that the mic kept glitching out on us and died off every now and then. Other than that, the shots, such as the intro, was very good.

Monday October 14, 2011
Day 3 - Another day of success. We were able to get most of the flashbacks that we had wanted, along with tweaking a couple of our shots. Although we rushed it, we were still able to get quality shots, along with maintaining fluidity with the film. Actors were good, lighting good, and everything else was according to plan.