Welcome to the Capital City Youth Hockey Association

The Capital City Youth Hockey Association (CCYHA) provides various hockey opportunities in South Carolina. CCYHA governs the Columbia Cyclones Travel and House League, Carolina Rage Hockey and the Elite U16A Leagues. CCYHA in conjunction with the Plex will co-coordinate the Learn to Play Hockey program and the Adult Leagues. 

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2017 Liberty Cup Midget Major Champions 

2016-17 CHL Squirt B Division Champions

2007 - CHL Squirt AA Champion
2008 - Pittsburgh Spring Classic Squirt AA Champion
2008-09 - CHL Pee-Wee Division A Season Champion
2010-11 - CHL Squirt Division A Season Champion
2016-17 - CHL Squirt Division B Season Champion
2017 - Liberty Cup Tournament Midget Major Champion