Pix and Profit

Joining a group

Each independent user can join any group. To join a particular group user needs an invitation. Invitation can be obtained from a group leader who has unused invitations and willing to invite a user into his (or her) group. The way of getting the invitation is not specified anyway and completely depends on group leader's and willing to join member's communication. For example, it can be sent by email. Upon obtaining an invitation a user can enter it into 'Join the group. Invitation' field on 'Group' page and press 'Join the group' on which user immediately joins the group. On joining group all funds available to user are not touched and reside on user's balance but from now on all newly done pictures are billed to the account of the group leader.

Leaving a group

Each member of the group can leave his (or her) group at any moment. This can be done by pressing 'Leave group' on 'Group' page.

Each member of the group can be excluded from the group by group leader at any moment by pressing 'Exclude member' on 'Group' page.

Any user who leaves group became an independent user and can join any other group or start a new group. After leaving a group all done pictures are billed to user's personal balance again. 

Running a group

Group leader can manage his (or her) group on 'Group' page. Information about group is represented as two tables: 'My Group' and 'My Invitations'. The first table provides information about group members. The second table provides information about invitations usage.

Payout — quantity of pictures which you want to pay this member for. This number must be between zero and 'Pics done' When group member is being payed out 'Pics done' number is decreased on 'Payout' number of pictures. This is completely up to group leader how many pictures to 'Payout' for this member and how much to pay for these pictures.

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