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a brief guide to finding myself on the internet (just in case I get lost) 

Paul Thompson
Born: December 1977

My Online Identity

Other Stuff to Come Later

Twitter Updates

    This page is sort of my general purpose online business card. The sections below provide access to my profile on a variety of community websites of a sort.

    View my photos at
    View my Flickr DNA
    Flickr is one of my favorite sites on the web...
    While you are at it check out Big Huge Labs.

    View Paul Thompson's profile on LinkedIn
    Linked In is a brilliant site which allows you to
    keep track of your professional network...

    While I have yet build in my library,
    LibaryThing is one of the coolest sites on the web.
    The LibaryThing crew has done an excellent job building
    a Web 2.0 site from a basic application to a feature rich
    experience which not only provides neat online functionality,
    but also connects to the real world in many awesome
    ways such as the Early Reviewers Program.