Cruising Preparation

I can help you with your cruising project.

To even contemplate sailing off into the sunset defines you as independent.  So seeking advice is not your first instinct.  Cruising attracted me because there are so many technologies involved.  I was lucky to skipper yachts with pro mechanics, electricians, wx experts, boathandlers, international logistics people, etc.  Those patient humans had a lot of explaining to do.  It is all still fascinating to me.  I have the added advantage of doing deliveries on a different boat every time.  I see how different gear responds to long romps across open ocean.  Learning from our own mistakes is fine.  Learning from others is cheaper and saves time.     

I have been through the process: from boat selection to purchase to fitting out and voyage planning. I've done it for myself and for others. Working for the magazine, I have spent time with industry experts discussing all the new gear. Doing deliveries full time I have had my own experiences with used boats, new boats and the latest gadgets.

So many boats leave with the wrong gear or head out there without enough offshore experience to feel comfortable in rough conditions.  A little pre-cruise experience can make your introduction to cruising a much smoother process.  I am always meeting people that had such a hard first month cruising that they are giving it up.  A little investment would have made for cruising bliss.

Through emails I can help you with boat and selection. When you get your boat I will come out and go over your outfitting plans. When the boat is ready to go to sea we can do an offshore passage together.  Advanced cruising is a very steep learning curve

It is a resource I wish I had when the dream struck me.

I charge by the hour for small local stuff and by the day for larger projects.

Drop me a line and we'll figure out what level of assistance I can provide for you.

Captain Woody