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Websites, etc.

Suggested Sites:

First, check out the HDSB Elementary Internet Tools page.  Developed by HDSB Teacher-Librarians, the site provides General and Grade-specific links for all HDSB students.  Links are designed to reflect the provincial curriculum, and help students focus their research.

www.starfall.com (Beginning reading books, games, and other skill-building activities)

www.razkids.com (All primary students have their own password)

www.tumblebooks.com (ebooks online)

www.fun4thebrain.com (Variety of fun games focusing on matching, sorting, alphabetizing, adding, measuring, telling time etc.)

www.mathisfun.com  (math activities for all ages)

www.schoolexpress.com  (Jigsaw puzzles, memory checks, concentration games, story time etc)

www.joytube.com (Fun word building games for kids)

www.primarygames.com (Many enjoyable interactive games focusing on skills across the curriculum

www.spellcity.com (great for spelling list of the week)

national geographic kids (type in google) The world is filled with an endless array of natural wonders and stunning places for kids to learn about.
nasa’s kids club (type in google)  NASA offers the “NASA Kids’ Club,” an interactive section of the NASA website where kids can learn about space and what it’s like to be an astronaut. 

pbs kids (type in google)  Provides content for children that’s both entertaining and educational.

www.fuelthebrain.com  -Excellent math activities

www.bitstripsforschools.com -great comic strip program

Log onto the school educational websites:
Go to Halton District School Board
Click on Student Resources
Under Quick Links - click on Elementary Internet Tools
Click on the Grade and you will have a variety of websites.

Suggested Apps:

Dragon Dictation
ShowMe Interactive White Board
Math Soccer
Math Magic
Word Magic
Little Matchups Tell Time
Wordventure (like MadLibs)
McGraw-Hill (Fractions, Multiplication, Squeeze, Addition, Divisibility)
Pizza Fractions
Tic Tac Toe Phonics
Phonics Genius
Sound Sorting - Beginning Sounds
Letter of Day
Sentence Magic
ABC Magic
Spelling Magic
PuppetPals HD
ABC Science
Grammar Jammers Primary
Alphabet Zoo
Seuss ABC
SpeakText - reads and translates web pages and documents
Little Speller Sight Words
Z is for Zebra
Alphabet Tracing
Shape Puzzle
Sentence Builder (iSentence)
Pocket Phonics
ABC Song
Word Web Dictionary
Magic Reading 1
Phonics Awareness
MELS Phonics CVC
21 in 1 Kindergarten
Sight Words
Alphabets ABC
Fish Express Build a Word
Read Me Stories
ABC Alphabet Touch
Music Sparkle
Science 360
Kids Math
I Like Books
Tap To Talk
MLD (Translator)
Free Translator
Learn to spell
Short Words